what I have to set as exportHandler?

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I have been able to successfully download a chart as image and now I'm trying to save it server-side.




I have changed the exportAction attribute, removed exportTargetWindow and updated properties.rb as below:




   # This path is relative to the web application root

   @@SAVEPATH = "/public/charts"

   #Used to show as message in SWF

   #This constant HTTP_URI stores the HTTP reference to 

   #the folder where exported charts will be saved. 

   #Please enter the HTTP representation of that folder 

   #in this constant e.g.,

   @@HTTP_URI = "http://localhost/charts/"




But now I'm confused about the value I need to use for the exportHandler attribute.




On the docs I find: "In case of server side exporting, this refers to the path of the server-side export handler (the ready-to-use scripts that we provide)."




And in the readme.txt file that comes with the download: "Now in the xml for the chart, specify the exporthandler value to be "Fusioncharts/fc_exporter/index"




But the fc_exporter folder doesn't contain any index file. Am I missing something?






I have anyway tried to save a chart setting up




:exportHandler => '/Fusioncharts/fc_exporter/index',




but nothing happens: when 100% of data is captured I don't get any error, FC_Exported function is not called and of course no image is saved in the chart folder.






Thanks for your help.

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:exportHandler => '/Fusioncharts/fc_exporter/index'

is correct as long as you have fc_exporter_controller.rb with action named index in app/controllers/fusioncharts folder.

Please modify the following property:

 @@SAVEPATH = "./public/charts"

Hope this works. :)



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