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Setting "valueBelowPivot"

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Using the angular gauge, I've managed to get the value textbox (valueBelowPivot) to show up. However, I need to set a size (i.e., width and height) on the textbox, and also modify the font of the value in the textbox to make it more readable.




How can I do this?




My XML file is enclosed.




Thanks for the help












<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>





majorTMNumber='11' majorTMColor='FFFFFF' majorTMHeight='8' minorTMNumber='5'


minorTMColor='FFFFFF' minorTMHeight='3' toolTipBorderColor='FFFFFF'




chartLeftMargin='0' chartRightMargin='0' chartTopMargin='0' chartBottomMargin='0'




gaugeOriginX='100' gaugeOriginY='100'


gaugeScaleAngle='270' placeValuesInside='1'


gaugeInnerRadius='80%' annRenderDelay='0' gaugeFillMix='' pivotRadius='10'


showPivotBorder='0' pivotFillMix='{CCCCCC},{333333}' pivotFillRatio='50,50'




showShadow='0' refreshInterval="4">









borderAlpha='0' baseWidth='10'/>






endAngle='360' fillColor='CCCCCC,111111' fillPattern='linear'


fillAlpha='100,100' fillRatio='50,50' fillAngle='-45'/>



endAngle='360' fillColor='111111,cccccc' fillPattern='linear'


fillAlpha='100,100' fillRatio='50,50' fillAngle='-45'/>



endAngle='360' color='666666'/>












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