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charts squished in top left corner

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I have a bunch of charts on a dashboard page. There are roughly 14 different charts/widgets displayed on the page at one time. In IE the charts will often get squished in the top left of the div containing the embed code however, the embed element has the correct width and height specified in the html (the chart is squished not the embed element). I don't know if this is due to the number of charts on the page or not, I have noticed if i remove some number of charts the problem happens left often.

Here is my code for embedding the chart (this is Coldfusion code)


Any help would be appreciated thanks!

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Hey thanks for your reply, unfortunately that solution is not going to work for me. I found this documentation that says fusioncharts v3.1 now supports 100% width and height. I need this functionality because I do not know at render time what the width or height of the page is going to be.

Some side notes.

  • The charts are not always squished if I refresh the page its frequent but not guaranteed. 
  • Secondly the charts that are squished are usually (not always) hidden on page load. I have some tabs that show/hide various divs on the page wrapping the charts.
  • The width and height of my embedded element on the page is the correct size at render time (the swf inside is the one that seems to be squished)

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Guest Basundhara Ghosal


In case you provide the width and the height of the chart in '%', it would automatically calculate the width and height of the chart in '%' in respect to the width and height of the container.

Please try fixing the width and height of the container in which the chart is getting rendered for this issue.

I hope this helps. :D

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