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I have a multi-series line chart with each series showing a percentage score and would like to place a drilldown link on each series. I can add the link to individual anchors but the trouble here is that some of the series scores are the same, therefore you only get the link to one of the series rather than both.

I could add the link to each anchor point on the line as the lines don't always follow each other but you know that someone will click on the joined anchor point, get the wrong page and complain!

Is it possible to add the link to the whole line and not just the anchor points?

Many thanks


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Guest Basundhara Ghosal

Hi Simon,

For MSline charts only the <set> element supports the "link" attribute.

As one <set> elements denotes one anchor of the chart, I am afraid, it would not be possible to apply links on the whole <dataset> element(one sigle line of the multi-series chart). :D

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