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Specifying y-axis label increments

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Hi folks,




I know I must be searching on the wrong terms. I know how to use yAxisMaxValue='100' yAxisMinValue='0' to get 5 increments of 20 in the y-axis labels but I would like to be able to force say 20 increments of 5 or 10 increments of 10.




How do I specify that?









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Guest Basundhara Ghosal


Please try setting the value for the attribute "numDivLines" in the <chart> element along with setting the value of the attribute "adjustDiv" attribute in the <chart> element to '0'.

Please note, in this case you need to fix the value for the "yAxisMinValue" and "yAxisMaxValue" attributes in the <chart> element as per your requirement.

Ref.- <chart ... adjustDiv='0' yAxisMaxvalue='100' yAxisMinValue='0' numDivLines='5'>

Please refer to the link below for further details on the same:-


I hope this helps. :)

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