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Jean Chandler

Automating printing of charts to image files (.JPG)

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I hope I'm posting in the write forum.  If you will forgive me, a brief introduction: I am relatively new to using Fusion Charts and this is my first post.  We recently saw a demonstration of Fusion Charts at the Magic Software User Group Conference in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, and we bought the Developer kit which I've been playing with a little bit.  We use a software called UniPaas here to write custom software for clients in the Maritime industry.  UP is not a traditional development environment so it's a bit of a paradigm shift for me to use Fusion, but we have written Dashboards in Flex before so it's not completely unfamiliar territory.

What I'm trying to figure out is if it's possible to deploy a report as a .JPG image automatically without any user interraction.  What I really want to do is drop some images in a particular directory which will later be exposed to mobile devices through authenticated access.

Looking at the examples in the documentation page, it looks like everything including the server side and batch mode implentations seem to require user input, and all are requiring writing some middleware in PhP or ASP or Javascript.

Is there any way to have fusion automatically create an image for me preferably without writing a lot of Middleware code?


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Hi Jean,




Welcome to FusionCharts forum.




Fist of all to use FusionCharts you do not need to have any prior experience in Flash or Flex.




It is created in Flash and is now separated from Flash. You can use FusionCharts as a web component which you need to add to your web solution as a Flash object (we have provided wrappers to ease this process) and pass your data as XML to the charts. You can pass XML as a stream (static or dynamically generated XML) or XML as string.




So far static reports are concerned, you can export the charts to images in a server side folder using the server side export feature. You can automate the export mechanism, but you need to generate the chart once at client side, FusionCharts being a client side component. You would need to setup the server-save-setting once and load the charts (which can be generated using dynamic data) in a browser whenever you need to export.




Please note that if you have .NET server, you can use our assembly specially made for .NET which can save a chart silently at server-side without user interaction.

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