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Using PHP to write an XML file

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Rather than use the XML converter which comes with the package, I would like to use PHP to grab the data (from Google Docs in this case) and write an xml file.


I build up a massive string with all the info that is contained in the regular XML file that works and wrote the file using fopen and fwrite functions. The output "looks" just like the original XML file but when I run it, it shows all the chart information (headers, extra lines) but none of the data.


Do you have a tutorial on how to do this? I am sure that I am missing something.

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Please make sure that you are not using any duplicate or W3C non-supportive attributes in the XML.

Could you please let us know in which browser you are trying to run the code?

Also, please send us the XML file as an attachment so that we might test it in our lab.

Awaiting your reply.

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