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Real Time Data Streaming for Performance Indicators to oversee a Major Business Operations

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We have a requirement to create a dashboard for the users (can be more than 1000) who are present across the world. We have number of applications involved in day to day business operations. Each application is different technically from others, data are transmitted across them through IBM MQ, JMS or webservices.


Consider the scenario(this is not our business though)




A product is assembled across a assembly line. Each application is responsible for providing a part of the product. Assembling is done by another application. Each application has their own reporting tools & techniques. But for a manger who oversees everything, there is no one final reporting tool(a real time). They do have a tool to give them information offline (not real time).


So,our need is this. Data is available across multiple application in multiple databases. There is one dashboard which is required to show real time performance indicator and alert the manager if anything goes wrong. The interface can be a http browser or even as a app in his mobile.




The dashboard shall have a Map(say now we thought of adding a Google Map), where key cities are highlighted. If performance of certain indicators are down in some of the cities,the city should be highlighted. Also the (by default) manager city's performance should be shown along side map.This data should be streamed across them in realtime.




Can Fusion wdgets-realtime data charts do this. I saw the relevant documentation.It seems possible.




Can all these things be done here?


If so, is their any technology constraints?


What will be the overall performance both in client side and server side.


What is the model used here and where we need to do bulk of the coding?


When streaming data, do we have to send xml data again and again to all charts or is it a incremental data fed.


Is the fusion charts possible to shown as a mobile app.




I guess its lots to answer. We are trying to do a evaluation of a range of similar products. If you have any case studies similar to ours,pls share it with us.Your inputs would be most appreciated.







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