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how to display special character like (←,→↓,↑) into X axies Lable

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Hi Umesh,

Welcome to FusionCharts Forum. :)

i have to display some special character as lable of axies like arrows

In case you are using setDataURL method to render your chart you can directly mention the arrow sign (?/?/?/?) as the string value for the attributes xAxisName and yAxisName in the <chart> element.

To achieve proper display of the arrow sign on the chart, you need to use UTF-8 encoded XML. Also, the XML file/stream does require a BOM stamp.

For further details on the above, please refer to the following link:


Hope this helps. :)

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Hi Sanjukta,

Thanks for you replay.

I insert encoding into the static XML file and it's work.

Again Thanks for your answer :)




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