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Len4a Veretilo

The tick marks (or values) aren't shown

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Hi all! I am so newbie in fusioncharts, so dont be angry with my questions. I use fusioncharts in my jsf application.




And when I get the upperLimit, that are not divided by the number of majorTMNumber (I suppose its the number of tick marks (or values)), the marks arent shown. Or maybe the problem could be with that the upperLimit is double.




For example - if I get upperLimit = 20749.9375, I see no TickValues.




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Hi all! I solve my problem)




The problem was in that - the value was too small and the upperLimit - too big, and the chart dont want to draw tick values, because he thinks - he doesnt need them.




So I add adjustTM='0' and everything works beautiful)))





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