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Trendline not working

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Everything works but the trendline?


<chart caption="Control Chart" subcaption="" xaxisname="Month" PYaxisname="Number of Tickets" SYAxisName="FCI" decimals="0" numberPrefix="" numberSuffix=""

sNumberSuffix="" setAdaptiveSYMin="1" showPlotBorder="1" palette="2">

<categories font="Arial" fontSize="12" fontColor="000000">

  <category label="April" />

  <category label="May" />

  <category label="June" />

  <category label="July" />

  <category label="Aug" />



<dataSet seriesName="Sev 1" color="AFD8F8" showValues="0">

  <set value="4" />

  <set value="5" />

  <set value="4" />

  <set value="2" />

  <set value="5" />




<dataset seriesname="Sev2" color="8BBA00" showValues="0">

  <set value="4" />

  <set value="6" />

  <set value="7" />

  <set value="8" />

  <set value="4" />



<lineSet seriesname="FCI" showValues="0" lineThickness="4">

  <set value="400" />

  <set value="789" />

  <set value="1235" />

  <set value="6789" />

  <set value="156" />



  <line startValue='5' color='91C728' displayValue='Target' showOnTop='1'/>



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We have tested your XML in our lab but we were not able to replicate the issue.

The trendline is displayed on the chart when rendered.

Please check with the attached screenshot of the rendered chart for further reference.

Please feel free to revert in case you have any further issues on the same.


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