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Hello everyone,


I'd like to be able to export (as PNG image) a chart without rendering it but after looking at the documentation I didn't find anything about that.




Basically I need to generate a PDF report (that contains the chart) after clicking a button.




Is this possible?


If so where can I find some documentation?






Thanks and have a nice weekend.

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This CANNOT be done.

FusionCharts necessarily needs to render once in the browser, before any of the export handlers are called.


This is because the charts are always generated at client-side. After that, it takes a snapshot to the client-side Export component or server-side Export scripts for generation of image/PDFs.

But, we provide the solution of exporting the chart as image/pdf file, without renedering it in the browser, only for the .Net platform.

Looking forward to your feedback on the same.

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