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I've recently come across a problem while using FusionCharts V3 and PowerCharts V3 together. The issue is that whenever I combine charts from both Fusion and Power Charts, tooltips are not shown for one or the other. I'll explain it further:




I have a web app that loads charts dynamically (as precompiled swf files). This charts can be of any type from both Fusion and Power Charts. The app loads the charts based on a xml file with a list of the charts to be loaded, along with other info. What I have observed is that whenever the first chart loaded is from FusionCharts, all the subsequent charts from PowerCharts don't show tooltips and vice versa. However if I set the xml file with charts of only one suit, either Fusion or Power Charts, the tooltips do show.




Please help me solve this issue.




Thanks in advance.




Carlos massieu.

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Guest Rajroop

Hey Carlos,


This is definitely a unique query. I can't say that I've come across the like before.


Could you please make sure that the XML used for the chart types of FusionCharts and PowerCharts are absolutely chart-type specific? Some charts in FusionCharts and some in PowerCharts do not accept/have varying reactions to variant forms of XML used for them.


I look forward to your updates.

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