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I have a StackedBar3D chart. I want to use it for drilldown.


I can assign links to set elements using




Is it possible to assign links to category elements, so that all stacked parts of the bar and even the category label is linked?


Code must be like




Or is there another possibility, except linking all stacked parts :)


Thank you.




Sven Schulze

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Hi Sven,

I am afraid, FusionCharts supports the "link" attribute only in the <set> element, as of now. :)

Natively this is not possible. But there is a hack for this.

Please try providing the "link" as the string value for the attribute "label" in the <category> element which would in turn would let the category to behave a s a link.

Also, please try setting the attribute "isHTML" to '1' in the <styles> element to achieve what you intend to.

Ref.- <chart>


  <category label='<a href="test();">Jan <a/>' />





  <style name='myLabelsFont' type='font' font='Arial' size='14' color='000066' bold='1' isHTML='1'/>



  <apply toObject='DataLabels' styles='myLabelsFont' />




Hope this helps. :)

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Hello Sanjukta,




I am facing a very strange issue in using this method for creating links in categories. The links work fine if I set rotateNames='0' but do NOT work (are not clickable) when I enable rotateNames by using rotateNames='1' .




I am using Developer licence charts with ScrollLine2D.swf. The MD5 hash of the .swf file is 7F54C6FBDE4BA9C9E385F3F716E12ED7. This may help you in identifying the version number. However, the version.txt says:




FusionCharts v3.1


Release: 24th February 2009




Please help me out on this issue. The XML I am using is your example XML found in GalleryDataScrollLineData.xml with the modifications you stated here. The XML I am using is attached with the message.




The rotateNames='1' is the culprit here. Please let me know of any workarounds or if there is a update of .swf file available.




Kind regards,


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