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Yaxis value not change

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I am trying to assign y axis value in ScrollLine2D.swf but it's not working.I want a yaxisminvalue like 220 and yaxismaxvalue like 230 and 10 numdivline line but yaxisminvalue shows always a zero value and ymaxvalue shows 900. xml given below:






bgColor='DDE3D5' hovercapbg='FFECAA' hovercapborder='F47E00' baseFontSize='10'


showshadow='1' shadowAlpha='50' shadowThickness='4' shadowYShift='3' animation='1'


showvalues='0' numdivlines='10' numVdivlines='0' yAxisMinValue='220' yaxismaxvalue='230' yAxisName='Revenue'


rotateNames='1' anchorRadius='5' anchorBorderThickness='2'>




please reply..Its very urgent!!




Thanks & Regards


Suman Ghosh

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Guest Basundhara Ghosal


Could you please confirm whether the maximum value that you are using in the <set> element is less than the maximum value that you are specifying?

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