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Guest Basundhara Ghosal

export a chart to jpeg without rendering it in the browser first.

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I have read a few posts regarding this, and while some do point to varied options, i haven't found a good answer or solution to this issue.

I am working in the .net environment, and need to generate an image alternative of the animated chart without loading the chart in a browser(hence the options of using the context menu, or even javascript to call any routines are ruled out). What is an efficient way to do this ?

Please let me know.



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Was this ever resolved? I need to do something similar. Here's the steps I need to go through:


In a VB.NET console, execute a stored procedure which returns a list of server names from a database.


For each servername returned from the stored procedure:



-Return a set of stats from my database for said ServerName

-Generate a chart and save to disk

- Move to next serverName, generate new chart, save to disk


I'm doing this in a console, not a web browser, using the FusionCharts as my tool to generate and save the charts.


I know how to generate one chart at a time in a web browser, but my task is to generate these charts behind the scenes and save to disk - not to display them to the web browser.


Is this possible???






Hi Jaideep,Could you please send us a mail at [email protected] specifying your requirement?

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