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Guest gludington

Setdataurl Problem

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Guest gludington

I am having problems using setDataURL. I have a simple multiseries chart, which I populate data with a remote call to a server)


When I populate the data using setDataURL, as follows:






I get the "Error occurred loading data" error in the debug window. In both cases, the dataURL invoked does return valid XML. The content type is set to text/xml, the character encoding is UTF-8, and I am even emitting the BOM exactly as specified in the documentation, to no avail. (We gzip responses by default, is that an issue?)


The XML is not only valid, it is appropriate for the chart we are using. When I make an ajax call to that exact same URL, and call




in the callback, the chart draws without any problem, but we would like to use the setDataURL method. What other steps can we take to figure out what is wrong with the call from FusionCharts to our chartXml generators?

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