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Fusioncharts For Flex Chart Duplicating Itself

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To Start, sorry for posting here, I couldn't start a post in the FusionCharts for Flex Forum...


I have an issue with the FusionCharts for Flex implementation. I'm obviously doing something wrong, but I can't see what. I am adding the fusion chart using AS3, attached is the mxml component I am using to add charts. I have tried different combinations of the FCSetDataURL() and the FCRender(). Tried removing them and just have the FCDataUrl. I've pretty much tried everything. I either get no chart being displayed or I get two charts. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have.


Edit: Sorry, I should mention the duplication isnt really apparent in most charts, the Pie Chart and Donut charts allow you to slice the charts and that's where you see another duplicate chart underneath. This seems to happen when I do the FCRender() However, I havent been able to get my chart to work without using the FCRender(). Even using the FCSetDataURL() itself doesnt seem to do the trick, the chart doesnt show up until I do the FCRender().


The component is being added by an AS Class with this function:

public function generateElements(xmlData:XML):VGroup {

var newGroup:VGroup = new VGroup();



for each(var xmlObj:XML in xmlData.*){

if("reportitem") {

if([email protected]()=="table") {


} else if([email protected]()=="drilldown") {


} else if([email protected]()=="label") {


} else {



} else if("label") {




return newGroup;



The Class is called from a function in an MXML component with this script:

var newElement:VGroup = new VGroup();

newElement = reportComponent.generateElements(xmlData);



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