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Numdivlines Not Working In Html5, Have To Use _Overridejschartconfiguration

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This is on Column3D, but may exist in others as well. With numDivLines set to 3 when Y-Axis goes from 0-100, there should be a tick every 25 (max-min / numdivlines + 1). Works in Flash version, but for HTML5 we have to use _overrideJSChartConfiguration to get the desired result:


 <script language="JavaScript">                          
var jsonData = {
       chart: {
	yaxisminvalue: "0",
	yaxismaxvalue: "100",
	numDivLines: "3"
	value: "30"


var chart = new FusionCharts("../../js/FusionCharts/Column3D.swf", "myChart-chartId", 300, 200);


if (!!chart._overrideJSChartConfiguration) {
	yAxis: [{
		tickInterval: 25



I've attached a screenshot as well.

post-10109-097570900 1286571266_thumb.gif

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