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Usa Map Does Not Render Correctly!

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I posted this in the bugs forum a week ago, but haven't got a reply yet. This is pretty urgent, and i really hope to get a response soon.


Every now and then the USA map renders without all the labels in the right place, they just all get cluttered in the top left corner and not where they are supposed to be individually. (it is independent of the OS being used, or the browser)

This doesn't happen all the time, but every 5 or 10 loads of the USA map, and happens consistently.


How do i resolve this to make sure that the label rendering is consistent?

Please let me know.




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Guest Rajroop

Hi Jaideep,


I earnestly apologize for the delay in the reply.


We are looking into this issue. I will be getting back to you with the results of our tests, promptly.


Thank you for your kind patience.

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