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What's Wrong With This Xml?

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Driving me freakin' crazy! Simply graphing one data point for each year.



2689.99 for 2009

1857.17 for 2010


My 2010 value keeps showing on 2009 and not under my 2010 category!?


Here's the xml being generated:

"<chart alternateHGridColor='3f3f3f' canvasBgColor='ffffff' canvasBgAlpha='50' canvasBaseColor='000000' toolTipBorderColor='000000' toolTipBgColor='3f3f3f' legendBgColor='000000' divLineColor='666666' baseFont='Verdana' baseFontSize ='10' baseFontColor ='ffffff' borderThickness='1' lineThickness='2' bgcolor='000000' caption='' PYAxisName='distance' SYAxisName='distance' xAxisName='day' numberPrefix='' formatNumberScale='0' showValues='1' decimals='2' >
<categories><category name='2009' /><category name='2010' /></categories>
<dataset seriesName='2009' parentYAxis='S' color='ffffff'><set value='2689.986' /></dataset>
<dataset seriesName='2010' color='3f3f3f'><set value='1857.17' />


And the chart:


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