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Rendercharthtml Change From 3 To 3.2 Fix

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I have been working on demostrating FusionCharts and Widgets to my company as a Proof of Concept. With the iPad feature I wanted to update my demo. This was greatly received, but one feature did not work. I was using Ajax timer and of course using RenderChartHTML on the reposting, but the Widget disappeared. After two days of tracking I found out what the brokens were. So I wanted to share


In 3.0 RenderChartHTML returned the tag <object id=="Test" name="Test" ...> surrounded by a <Div id="TestDiv"> tag

in 3.2 RenderChartHTML returns the tag <object id="Test" ...> the <Div> tag is not there, nor is the name for the object


I was am to surround the string with a <div> tag and do a ans.Replace("<object id=\""+IDName+"\" ", "<object name=\""+IDName+"\" ");

(NOTE there are two spaces between the words "object" and "id")


Now I can demo my POC and try to get the purchase to move forward. Thought I share this

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Thanks for sharing this.


We actually cleaned up the RenderChartHTML method for 3.2.


<DIV> is optional as <OBJECT>/<EMBED> will take care of all things.


In majority of the cases, standard method of accessing an HTML element via JavaScript DOM is using an Id and rarely using name in the element.


Please share with the community your ideas on using id vs using 'name'.

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