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Help/tutorial For Live Update For Charts,,,

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-sorry worng forum-

hi there,

new to your products.

iv been evaluating so far fusionCharts and FusionWidgets.

i have been reading the documentaion.

and other from being able to achive static charts. i havnt been able to make an automatic update with live data.

the documentaions were not very clear on how to achive this.

is there any video/step by step guide/real example/ or anything that can guide me through this.


basicly, im using VS2010 web application.

i get my data from an orcale stored procedure ( iv already been able to get the data into xml with no problem).

i need to have the charts refresh every X seconds.


i read about the methods needed. but still not clear on: where/how etc.

Thanks alot for any assitence!

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