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I have been beating myself up trying to get this to work. I am able to pull data from a sharepoint list as an xml document no problem. I am able to create the standard xml document to display a manually entered list of data into a fusion chart no problem. What I am unable to do is to pull data automatically from a sharepoint list and display it as a fusionchart thereby automating this process so that as data is entered into the list the chart is instantly updated.


Here is how I pull data from the list to an xml document:





Here is an example of the data returned:



- <xml xmlns:s="uuid:BDC6E3F0-6DA3-11d1-A2A3-00AA00C14882" xmlns:dt="uuid:C2F41010-65B3-11d1-A29F-00AA00C14882" xmlns:rs="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:rowset" xmlns:z="#RowsetSchema">- <s:Schema id="RowsetSchema">- <s:ElementType name="row" content="eltOnly" rs:CommandTimeout="30">- <s:AttributeType name="ows_DocIcon" rs:name="Type" rs:number="1"> <s:datatype dt:type="string" dt:maxLength="512" /> </s:AttributeType>- <s:AttributeType name="ows_Name_x0020_of_x0020_injured_x002" rs:name="Name of injured worker" rs:number="2"> <s:datatype dt:type="string" dt:maxLength="512" /> </s:AttributeType>- <s:AttributeType name="ows_Company" rs:name="Company" rs:number="3"> <s:datatype dt:type="string" dt:maxLength="512" /> </s:AttributeType>- <s:AttributeType name="ows_Date_x0020_and_x0020_time_x0020_" rs:name="Date and time of incident" rs:number="4"> <s:datatype dt:type="datetime" dt:maxLength="8" /> </s:AttributeType>- <s:AttributeType name="ows_Claim_x0020_Status" rs:name="Claim Status" rs:number="5"> <s:datatype dt:type="string" dt:maxLength="512" /> </s:AttributeType>- <s:AttributeType name="ows_Financial" rs:name="Financial" rs:number="6"> <s:datatype dt:type="float" dt:maxLength="8" /> </s:AttributeType>- <s:AttributeType name="ows_OSHA_x0020_Recordable" rs:name="OSHA Recordable" rs:number="7"> <s:datatype dt:type="boolean" dt:maxLength="1" /> </s:AttributeType>- <s:AttributeType name="ows_Contact_x0020_Log" rs:name="Contact Log" rs:number="8"> <s:datatype dt:type="string" dt:maxLength="1073741823" /> </s:AttributeType> </s:ElementType> </s:Schema>- <rs:data> <z:row ows_Name_x0020_of_x0020_injured_x002="jane doe" ows_Company="subsidiary2" ows_Date_x0020_and_x0020_time_x0020_="2010-09-13 14:00:00" ows_Claim_x0020_Status="Open" ows_Financial="1100.00000000000" ows_OSHA_x0020_Recordable="1" ows_Contact_x0020_Log="<div class=ExternalClass693C873314504FFF907BB8BD8A141304><div>comments about this case.</div></div>" /> <z:row ows_Name_x0020_of_x0020_injured_x002="john doe" ows_Company="subsidiary1" ows_Date_x0020_and_x0020_time_x0020_="2010-05-21 00:00:00" ows_Claim_x0020_Status="Open" ows_Financial="30265.1000000000" ows_OSHA_x0020_Recordable="1" ows_Contact_x0020_Log="<div class=ExternalClassEEF871C79503466FA4A55BEF02D6C9FF><div>comments about this case.</div></div>" /> </rs:data> </xml>


Here is an xml used for fusionchart:




<category label="Claim Amount" />


<dataset SeriesName="subsidiary1">

<set value="30265.10" />


<dataset SeriesName="subsidiary2">

<set value="1100" />




I need to pull data from the list as demonstrated above and update the data in the fusionchart xml but have no clue how to. I would prefer to do this directly in the fusionchart xml but if I have to use a java script that is fine too. Any help would be appreciated.

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How about this? Is it possible to change the data that is charted from the following:




<set label="2007" value="3.13" />

<set label="2008" value="9.27" />

<set label="2009" value="9.27" />

<set label="2010ytd" value="0" />






So that rather than using label and value from above it uses ows_Name_x0020_of_x0020_injured_x002=" " and ows_Company=" " as the below excerp from an xml document shows



- <rs:data>

<z:row ows_Name_x0020_of_x0020_injured_x002="Full Name" ows_Company="Department" ows_Date_x0020_and_x0020_time_x0020_="Date" ows_Claim_x0020_Status="Closed" ows_Financial="Dollar Amount" ows_OSHA_x0020_Recordable="0" ows_Contact_x0020_Log="<div class=ExternalClass7D50E8C57E9944BABC2C1830F2A5940A><div></div></div>" />

- <rs:data>


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Guest Rajroop

Hi jburke4,


We have recently released the beta of FusionCharts for SharePoint. FusionCharts for SharePoint helps you create interactive & data-driven charts in SharePoint, without having to write a line of code. The charts are created using a wizard and can connect to various data sources such as SharePoint Lists, CSV, MS SQL, Oracle, Excel & BDC. You can add drill-down and export capabilities to each chart and configure both cosmetic and functional aspects.


You can download the fully-functional version from www.fusioncharts.com/sharepoint - we would love to have your feedback on this.


Please post your suggestions and any bugs as replies to the FusionCharts for SharePoint forum thread at:

FusionCharts for SharePoint beta impression

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