Stackedbar2D And Showvalues

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in a stackedBar2D I would like to improve the visibility of the values.

How can I do this?

For example, in the attach picture I would like to:

- show only not zero value

- put value near bar, but not into (above or below).


Any idea?


post-10370-002170300 1290510993_thumb.jpg

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If we put showValue='0' in all <set> containing zero values, the value won't show up. However, when hovering it, the default tooltip shows up, which says "SeriesName, CategoryName, 0", even though I tried to set the toolText="".


<set value="0" toolText="" showValues="0" alpha="0.1"/>



If the set value is zero, hide it by setting it to almost transparent, because if all sets in the same series has alpha='0', the set won't be displayed in legend box.

I think this is a very common and important issue, pls have a look at my screenshot.


Is there any workaround to disable the toolText in this case?


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