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Better Image Quality When Exporting?

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Is there a way to increase the quality of the PNG or JPG when exporting a fushionchart to an image?


Say for example,

- we have a chart embedded on a website

- with dimensions 200x300

- when saving the chart as a PNG/JPG the resulting image is of too low quality to copy and paste into a MS Powerpoint presentation?




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FusionCharts exports in 72dpi. As of now we can not export to a higher resolution.


You can try setting a bigger size and use it.


Since you are working with PowerPoint let me take the opportunity to let you know that we have a separate product called oomfo which helps you use FusionCharts (either as animated interactive charts or as image) in you PowerPoint presentations.


You can download and check out for free from

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Hello Everyone,


Hope everyone is having a fun and a huge blast FusionCharting.. :D:lol::lol:


We have just released the latest version of oomfo 0.9.3 beta on 31st March 2011 with NEW and Improved Features and BUG Fixes.


Just have a look at the latest version of oomfo 0.9.3 beta @


  • New:
    • Charts can now be rendered from live data, served by remote URLs or local files.
    • Export the entire slide as a webpage along with the live charts.
    • Embed the chart directly as an image, instead of an oomfo object, and then convert it back to oomfo chart whenever required.
    • Ability to set chart theme similar to presentation.
    • Charts now support direct XML data entry.
    • Trend lines can now automatically calculate statistics like mean, median and Standard Deviation.
    • New zoom line chart that can handle tens of thousands of data points and has interactive options like zooming, scrolling and pinning.


    • Improved installer with detection of 64 bit Office during installation, creation of start menu item and post installation help screen.
    • Transpose option in data grid.
    • Added support for mouse keys for traversal in the grid.
    • Enhanced secondary axis related configuration.
    • Can automatically detect thousand and decimal separator.
    • Default cosmetic of chart improved.

    [*]Bug fixes:

    • Flickering of charts during slide show has been improved.
    • CSV data now supports Unicode characters.
    • Bug fixes in data grid, parsing of CSV data and UTF8 text.


Arka Bhattacharjee

oomfo Team

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