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Waiting... Waiting.. Waiting. Save!

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Good afternoon FusionChartists!


I'm looking for some assistance related to the built-in export functionality.


My stakeholders are not very fond of the, and I quote, "ghost of ""Waiting"" image". To be honest, I like it, but not on the page I'm creating; there are going to be a total of 9 charts on the page (Dashboard-ish feel).


My question:

Is it possible to remove the "Waiting" button until the end-user opts to save? I'd then like, either A] the "Save" button to appear in the div it's rendered within, or; B] the "Save" button to be skipped entirely and to automatically bring up the save prompt.


I'd rather have solution B but if it's not possible please point me in the right direction to achieve A.




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is not possible as of now.


for [A]


You can render the export component after the chart completes data capturing. You can render it using HTML and CSS over the chart itself using various GUI frameworks like jQuery, ExtJS etc or your own code.


Please check:


This sample contains the export-component getting rendered after FC_ExportReady(DOMId) event is raised.


You can also remove the export component after you save the file/cancel saving in the Save dialog box. This can be done as you an capture FC_Exported event.


Please use the latest FCExport.swf that comes with FusionCharts v3.2 release.

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