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I am trying to create fusion charts using "fusioncharts.cs" file by calling method "RenderChartHTMLALL". Everything looks fine chart is coming up but I cant see the message retrieving data or loading data when the chart is taking longer time to come up, Its showing empty screen.

I tried to include the chart messages in the url field as querystring (~/folder1/folder2/Charts/" + swfFileName + "?PBarLoadingText=Loading......&XMLLoadingText=Loading the XML) even then I can't see the loading message.

when I tried to do this using javascript method and passed "chart.setXMLUrl" then its working good.but I want to send data using "chart.setXMLData" when I did that charts coming up but still same problem exists it doesn't how up loading chart message.

Can you please help me out with this.It's very urgent.


chart.setXMLUrl("../../../../Documents/Bar2D1.xml"); It works if I give it this way

chart.setXMLData("<chart caption='Brand Winner' yAxisName='Brand Value ($ m)' xAxisName='Brand' bgColor='F1F1F1' showValues='0' canvasBorderThickness='1' canvasBorderColor='999999' plotFillAngle='330' plotBorderColor='999999' showAlternateVGridColor='1' divLineAlpha='0'> <set label='Coca-Cola' value='67000' toolText='2006 Rank: 1, Country: US'/> <set label='Microsoft' value='56926' toolText='2006 Rank: 2, Country: US'/> <set label='IBM' value='56201' toolText='2006 Rank: 3, Country: US'/> <set label='GE' value='48907' toolText='2006 Rank: 4, Country: US'/> <set label='Intel' value='32319' toolText='2006 Rank: 5, Country: US'/> <set label='Nokia' value='30131' toolText='2006 Rank: 6, Country: Finland'/> <set label='Toyota' value='27941' toolText='2006 Rank: 7, Country: Japan'/> <set label='Disney' value='27848' toolText='2006 Rank: 8, Country: US'/> <set label='McDonalds' value='27501' toolText='2006 Rank: 9, Country: US'/> <set label='Mercedes-Benz' value='21795' toolText='2006 Rank: 10, Country: Germany'/> </chart>"); it doesn't work when I give it this way


Thank You


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