Issue With Client Side Exporting

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I have already posted this issue in the FusionCharts General Usage forum, but of no response for a week. Somebody from FusionCharts LLP, please help. We are losing our time with this issue.


NB : We need the exact feature, as it is already deployed successfully with previous version of fusion chart.




We are using FusionChart client side export. I worked fine until we upgraded to the version 3.2. Previously we were using FusionCharts v3. Now the problem is that, export will work fine for one time. Next time onwards, the capture progress will show up to completion and finally the exportcomponent will display without any charts to save. :). It needs a page refresh to export that same chart or any other chart in the page. We are using separate export and batch export. For both we are using the batch export method. We trigger individual export from a button assigned to each chart. We also tried with the exact code from your documentation.


The code in brief :


For chart rendering


var myChart1 = new FusionCharts("../FusionChartsSwf/32/Column2D.swf", "myChartId1", "350", "300", "0", "1");




For exporting


var myExportComponent;

//Define a function, which will be invoked when user clicks the batch-export-initiate button

function initiateExport(chartToExport, exportComponentRenderContainer) {


myExportComponent = new FusionChartsExportObject("fcBatchExporter", "../FusionChartsSwf/32/FCExporter.swf");


//Add the charts to queue. The charts are referred to by their DOM Id.

myExportComponent.sourceCharts = [chartToExport];


//------ Export Component Attributes ------//

//Set the mode as full mode

myExportComponent.componentAttributes.fullMode = '1';


//Set saving mode as both. This allows users to download individual charts/ as well as download all charts as a


single file.

myExportComponent.componentAttributes.saveMode = 'individual';


myExportComponent.defaultExportFormat = "PDF";


//Show allowed export format drop-down

myExportComponent.componentAttributes.showAllowedTypes = '0';


//Cosmetics - Width and height

myExportComponent.componentAttributes.width = '350';

myExportComponent.componentAttributes.height = '140';


//Message - caption of export component

myExportComponent.componentAttributes.showMessage = '1';

myExportComponent.componentAttributes.message = 'Click on button above to begin export of charts. Then save from




//Render the exporter SWF in our DIV fcexpDiv





//This event is raised when the chart has finished capture phase and passed the data to

//Export Component for further processing

function FC_ExportReady(DOMId) {

alert("The chart with DOM ID as " + DOMId + " has finished capture mode. It's now ready to be downloaded



$('#fcexpDiv').css("display", "block");



//This event is raised when an individual chart has been successfully saved on user's disk (post click of button)

function FC_Exported(objRtn) {

if (objRtn.statusCode == "1") {

alert("The chart was successfully saved. Its DOM Id is " + objRtn.DOMId);


$('#fcexpDiv').css("display", "none");

myExportComponent = null;


else {

alert("There was an error saving the chart. Error message: " + objRtn.statusMessage + ". Its DOM Id is " +






//This event is invoked when the user clicked on Save-All button and all the charts were saved on user's disk as a


single file.

function FC_BatchExported(objRtn) {

if (objRtn.statusCode == "1") {

alert("The batch was exported and saved as a single file named '" + objRtn.fileName + "'. The charts


processed were " + objRtn.DOMId);


else {

alert("There was an error saving the chart. Error message: " + objRtn.statusMessage);




I am attaching couple screenshots that might help you in figuring out the issue.


Export 1 : Works well




Export after first export : Shows capturing status to completion and finally component with no charts to save

post-10432-064180400 1293692005_thumb.jpg

post-10432-049561400 1293692016_thumb.jpg

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