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Hello all,


I've got an issue with my 3D column chart; I hover over the column(s) and I see "Value Name, Value". All I want to see is the value, but I still want the value names to appear on the x-axis.


Thank you in advance.

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If you know an easier way, feel free to let me know but this is what I came up with...


I'm setting the XML for the chart data through a VB.NET stringbuilder function I built. I'm doing a select case on the type of data that is being presented and just adding: xmlString.Append("toolText = ' " & xVal & " ' />")

xVal is a string that I am populating from a DataTable that is being filled by way of sql.


It's working fine and feel free to steal my excellent, superior idea. Sarcasssmmmm....




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