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The Tick Markers Does Not Get Displayed In Hbullet Widget

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I am using HBullet widget,


Here is my xml:

<chart bgAlpha="0" plotFillColor="#CFCECE" targetColor="#313131" numberSuffix="" showShadow="1" useRoundEdges="1" majorTMNumber="5" plotAsDot="0" showTickValues="1" formatNumberScale="1" lowerLimit="0" upperLimit="0.95" targetFillPercent="100" targetThickness="5" chartTopMargin="15" chartLeftMargin="20" chartRightMargin="20" roundRadius="5" colorRangeFillRatio="20,50,20,10" showBorder="0" bgColor="#FFFFFF">


<color code="#A73C22" minValue="0" maxValue="0.25" />

<color code="#CA7128" minValue="0.25" maxValue="0.35" />

<color code="#CF9F2B" minValue="0.35" maxValue="0.6" />

<color code="#96B53C" minValue="0.6" maxValue="0.95" />






<style name="tickMarkFont" type="font" bold="1" />



<apply toObject="TICKVALUES" styles="tickMarkFont" />



<apply toObject="LIMITVALUES" styles="tickMarkFont" />





I am not sure why the tick markers doesn't get displayed.

The screenshot is attached to this post - post-6915-041809200 1294880752_thumb.jpg



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It is urgent, can some one take a look, it seems like if I change upperLimit and maxValue in <color code="#96B53C" minValue="0.6" maxValue="0.95" /> more than 2, it will work. And it only failes when the decimal digits is more than 1. Thanks!

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Guest Angie



Thank you very much for your valuable feedback.


We are glad to know that your issue has been resolved.


Keep FusionCharting!smile.gif

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