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I'm trying to reverse tick values on a linear gauge from 0 - 100 to 100 - 0, left to right. So far I've tried changing the upperlimit/lowerlimit to no avail. I've also successfully changed the color range.




I'm trying to accomplish a left to right gauge with the good values on the left and bad on the right. This is important to my layout as I want to emphasize the positive as the gauges are positioned on the left side of the screen. Any help is appreciated, even if it's a FusionCharts engineer saying, "Sorry charlie, you can't do it." even though that would be lame-O it would at least let me unlock my focus on this.




Thanks all!

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Actually, there's isn't a direct way to do it - as the chart is not designed that way (as we never received any such request for this chart).




But a tweak would be use trend values with values inversely proportional to actual scale values. So, effectively the steps would be:


- Create a chart with normal axis


- Hide the axis values


- Create trend lines that represent inversely proportional values w.r.t axis


- Show trend values.

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I am having a similar problem.  I am trying to create a small "ranking gauge" where the best ranks (low numbers) are on the right side of the gauge and the lesser ranks (higher numbers) are on the left side.  In my case I am not displaying tick values, but I am displaying a pointer and want to display it's value (it's "rank").  The problem with the "hidden scale" solution above is that there does not appear to be a way to override the display value of the pointer. I can override the tooltip value, but not the actual display value of the pointer.

My suggestion for future versions of FusionGadgets is to allow it to use scales that go from higher to lower, left to right by simply allowing XML like:

lowerLimit="100" upperLimit="1"
  An alternative suggestion is to have a way of overriding the display value of the pointer.

In the meantime, any suggestions for a workaround for me?

- Andrew

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As of now, you cannot change the pointer value. However, this is something we'll try and address in the next version.

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