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Steven Hilton

Angulargauge -- Does It Do Percentage Widths And/or Dynamic Resizing?

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Does the AngularGauge support having the height and width declared as a percentage instead of specific pixels? When we specify a percentage, it draws correctly about half the time. The rest of the time it seems to not draw at all, or the dial is very small, only a few pixels wide in the upper left hand corner. This behavior is exactly as describe in another forum post at




But we are seeing it in Firefox as well.


When the gauge fails to draw correctly, the browser has allocated the correct space to the flash plugin. If I right-click on the whitespace where I expected the angular chart to be, flash is capturing those events. Also, firebug reports the correct dimensions for the object tag. But the AngularGauge still only draws in a tiny space in the top left corner. Intermittently.




Also, can the AngularGauge be dynamically resized? We use several different fusion charts that redraw fine if given percentage height and width and the window is resized, but the gauge widget doesn't seem to support the same behavior. When the AngularGauge *does* initially draw as expected, resizing the browser window does not cause the AngularGauge to redraw. The user will see either a clipped angular gauge, or empty whitespace around the gauge, depending on how they resized the browser.


Thanks for any help,


- Steven

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Guest Angie



Welcome to FusionCharts Forum!smile.gif


I am afraid, Angular Gauge does not support the feature you are looking for, at this time.


We will try to implement this feature in our future upgrades.


Meanwhile, please find attached a sample workaround to suffice your requirement.


Hope this

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