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Setting Y-Axis Upper And Lower Limit.

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I am trying to set the Y-axis (upper) maximum and (lower) minimum values in my MSLINE chart.


I have tried given below code in my Java code to set the Y-Axis min and max value.



chartAttributes.put("setAdaptiveYMin", "90");


chartAttributes.put("yAxisMinValue", "90");


None of the above chart properties are working for me. I am using Fusion Chart Version 3.2.1.


Thanks in Advance.


Thanks and Regards,

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Guest Angie



Welcome to FusionCharts Forum!smile.gif


This is to update you that <setAdaptiveYMin> attribute takes only boolean value 0 or 1.


Could you please send us the generated XMl code to look into the issue form our end?


Awaiting for your reply.

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