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Hi! I need to build an application which displays data referring to some geographical areas that are not usually present in standard maps (generally speaking).

For example, "Occupied Palestinian Territories".

Specifically, for now, I need to color that area, according to ranges (i.e.: blu for values from 1 to 3, red from 4 to 7 and green for the other values.

Are geographical entities like that vailable in fusion maps? If not, how can I get to show data for that kind of regions?

Thanks in advance

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Please note that FusionCharts team creates Custom Maps (paid) to create the customized maps suiting your requirement.


In case you are looking for such a map, please send us a request at http://www.fusioncharts.com/contact/ stating your requirement.


We would get back to you at our earliest. Looking forward to your mail.

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