No Maxvalue On Colorrange

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Hi! I am experimenting with color ranges...

How can I specify a colorrange that goes from a minum value of, let's say 100, to "infinity"?

Or, in other words, from 100 and beyond?

I do not want to specify a number, as I do not know how much would that be and I do not want that calues beyond a certain amount fall into default range...

I.E.: if I specify fom 100 to 10000 and then there is a value of, let's say, 200000, that would fall in the "default" fillColor, but I do not want that, because that should be for regions with no data....

Hope I have been clear enough.


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Guest Angie



I am afraid, FusionCharts does not support the feature you are looking for, at this time.


We have taken a note of your request here and added the same in our wishlist.


Hope yo have a great day!

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