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I am developing a webpage to display some TCPIP modbus data and have the data showing on the page using some javascript.


I am trying to pass the data to the fushionchart and have the following code:-


<script src="../wsapi.js"></script>

<script language="JavaScript" src="FusionCharts.js"></script>




// Set up the address to our value in the Modbus/TCP device


var watts1Adr="Integra1630.Watts.W Phase 2";


function Setup()


// Create a scanlist to use for our cyclic scan points, in this case we name it "CyclicScanList"



// Add the counter register to our cyclic scanlist




// We want the cyclic scanlist to run once every second



// Register our callback function that will be called every time a scan has been completed



// Start reading the scanlists





// This callback function will be called after every scan of the cyclic scanlist

function CyclicCallback()



var tmpPoint;


// Get the value of the counter



// Show the value in the div by setting the innerHTML property




myChart1.setDataXML("<chart lowerLimit='0' upperLimit='5000' lowerLimitDisplay='Good' upperLimitDisplay='Bad' palette='1' numberSuffix='kwH' chartRightMargin='20' chartLeftMargin='20'><colorRange><color minValue='0' maxValue='30' code='8BBA00' label='Good'/><color minValue='30' maxValue='45' code='F6BD0F' label='Moderate'/><color minValue='45' maxValue='50' code='FF654F' label='Bad'/></colorRange><pointers><pointer value='"+tmpPoint.val+"' radius='5'/></pointers></chart>");







I then have the following to show the value and hopefully the chart:-


<body onload="Setup()">


Bike Value

<div id="watts1Div"></div>


<script type="text/javascript">

var myChart1 = new FusionCharts("HLinearGauge.swf", "ChId1", "300", "75", "0", "0");




The problem is when the page loads the graph does not load and in the firefox debug the fushioncharts.js fails at line 250 - (n.innerHTML = this.getSWFHTML(); ) now it looks like the chartobj is not defined. If you continue the fushioncharts.js stops at line 193 (chartObj.setDataXML(strDataXML); ) with the error chartObj is null. I know the value is ok as I can see this in the xmldata in the debug.


In an ideal world I would like to just refresh/upload the value each time rather than the chart but if the chart has to load then I can slow down the cyclic on the modbus side.


Has anyone got any ideas on this?


Thanks Nikki

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