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I Can't Update Cylinder Widget

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I try to use Cylinder widget on my project.

It'has worked perfect till I try update charts on fly.

I have created widget in the next manner:


var chartName = "myChartId<%:name %>";
var myChart = new  FusionCharts("../../Content/FusionGauge/Cylinder.swf", chartName, "150",  "200", "0", "1");
myChart.setDataXML("<chart  showBorder='0' cylFillColor='" + '<%:color %>' + "' lowerLimit='0'  upperLimit='100' numberSuffix=' ltrs.'  bgColor='FFFFFF'><value>" + <%:mainTankLevel %> +  "</value></chart>");
myChart.render("chartdiv<%:name %>");


This part works perfect.


But I try to update charts. It doesn't work. I tried to write next bellow (under first part)

var chartObj = getChartFromId(chartName);
chartObj.setDataXML("<chart showBorder='0' cylFillColor='FF2631' lowerLimit='0' upperLimit='100' numberSuffix=' ltrs.' bgColor='FFFFFF'><value>50</value></chart>");


This still doesn't work and I catch next error. That "setDataXML" method doesn't exist for chartObj.


Please, let me answer as soon as possible. I requested to buy this widget and don't sure that it works in proper way now.

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Please refer to the following link for further details on the method of updating the chart and see if it helps.

Ref.- http://www.fusioncha...setDataXML.html


Hope this helps. :D


Thanks Sanjukta,


But I've seen this sample and make my code according to way described in this document.

Looks like than getChartFromId gets incorrect object

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Could you please send us the erroneous sample as an attachment so that we can test it?


Looking forward to your feedback.


Yeah. I catch a root of issue.

I try to update chart on Load event and chart wasn't created yet.

Sorry for inconvenience


Are there any way to check that chart is loaded?

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