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Selectscatter - Correct Values On X-Axis

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I am using selectscatter chart in my application. I am facing issue in displaying the values on x-axis.

The x-axis and y-axis values are not static, it will change based on the requirement. So I cannot fix up the min value and max values on both x-axis and y-axis.


Based on the xml input selectscatter is able to calculate and display the correct values on y-aixs. Suppose if the minimum value is 10 and maximum value is 100.

I am able to see values as 10, 20, 30 .. 100 on y-axis. But the same thing is not happening with x-axis. How the data values can be determined dynamically on x-axis.


Please suggest.


It is also possible to get negative values on x-axis. Please see the attached image, the values are not calculated and displayed properly.





post-9989-048843000 1306229574_thumb.png

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Guest Angshu



Thanks for your post.


I am afraid, FusionCharts does not support providing data values dynamically on x axis, at this time.sad.gif


We will try to implement this feature in our next release.


Meanwhile, you can use <category> element to provide value on x axis.


Hope this

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