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We are using stacked area 2D chart.


It works very well with multiple values but doesn't display anything when single value is present.


PFA the XML used to generate the chart.


<chart canvasBgColor='EFEFEF' divLineColor='BDB3BD' showAlternateHGridColor='0' labelDisplay='Rotate' slantLabels='1' yAxisName='' numDivLines='5' showValues='0' exportEnabled='1' exportShowMenuItem='1' exportAtClient='0' exportHandler='http://xxxxxx/ChartExport_1111.Sample' exportFormats='PDF=Export as PDF|PNG=Export as PNG Image|JPG=Export as JPEG Image' exportAction='download' exportCallback='save' showExportDialog='1' exportFileName='xxxx' aboutMenuItemLabel='About xxx' aboutMenuItemLink='n-http://xxxx' showShadow='0' bgAlpha='0,0' legendBgAlpha='0' canvasBorderAlpha='0' legendBorderAlpha='0' legendShadow='0' legendBorderThickness='0' showBorder='0' outCnvBaseFontColor='666666' outCnvBaseFont='Arial, Helvetica' baseFontColor='666666' baseFontSize='10' baseFont='Arial' ><categories><category label='25-May-11' /> </categories><dataset seriesName='High' renderAs='line'><set value='0' /></dataset><dataset seriesName='Medium' renderAs='line'><set value='3' /></dataset><dataset seriesName='Low' renderAs='line'><set value='10' /></dataset><dataset seriesName='Info' renderAs='line'><set value='60' /></dataset></chart>


Can you please guide me to plot the single value?


The XML when used with Stacked Column 3D / Stacked Bar 3D chart works well.




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Guest Angshu



Welcome to FusionCharts Forum!smile.gif


Please note that single data point can't be used to render area chart.


To plot an area chart, you would need to use multiple data points to specify a particular area.


Hope this helps.smile.gif

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