Routing Error On Server-Side Export

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I'm trying to put in place a server-side export my charts.


Here is what I did so far:


- Copied fc_exporter_controller.rb, fc_exporter_img_controller.rb , fc_exporter_pdf_controller.rb controllers in Controllers/Fusioncharts/

- Copied error_handler.rb , error_messages.rb , generator.rb , properties.rb , save_helper.rb in Lib/fusioncharts/exporter/

- Copied error.html.erb into the Views folder


I have set the following tag on my chart:



:exportAtClient => 0,





I have modified the @@SAVEPATH to "./public/export/" in the properties.rb file

I have installed the gem rmagick


Now when I try to export my chart, i got a "RoutingError (No route matches "/Fusioncharts/fc_exporter/index")" which seems there is no route for that action (By the way there is no mention of that in the Readme.txt)

So I added a route => match 'Fusioncharts/fc_exporter/index' => 'fc_exporter#index'

And then i got this error: "RoutingError (uninitialized constant FcExporterController)"


Any clue on what I'm doing wrong?

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