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Atul Darne

Exporthandler In My Chart Xml For Chart Export

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Hi Fusion,


i have gone through the link, Link Demo of Fusion charts gallery, iam working on exporting Fusion Charts [server side] and that allows the pop-up at client for the saving of downloaded chart [ watch out the fusion demo link]


that shows the exporting of fusion charts. I am too trying the same , using tomcat server as my application server.


i have a query about what should i include as the exportHandler in my chart XML , the demo link shows the following link added in the chat XML.


[ exportHandler="" ]



I am hosting the charts through a JSP page what exportHandler should i use / include in my CHART XML


please assist on Urgent Basis !

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Guest Angshu



Welcome to FusionCharts Forum!smile.gif


Glad to know that you have managed to resolve your problem.


Happy FusionCharting!biggrin.gif

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