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I have drawn column2D chart based on array values from SQL server as shown in attached figure. As you can see i draw Price and units on x-axis and y-axis. This is just Predefined chart values I read from SQL table. What I am trying to achieve here is if user enter some value for instance = 200 it is in my chart range and I then I want to draw indication or point that value on predefined chart. That your value falls here on this bar chart. As I have labeled in attached figure :- I want to plot line or something within the point to tell user. I have looked into tooltip but for that you have to move your mouse over bar then see the values. I want to give visulation to the user that your entered input value is positioned at this location in the barchart. I would like to know if it is possible.


In Design side: I have one SQL TABLE with two columns column1 = "100 120 140 160 180 " AND column2 = "Excellent" "Good" "Still Good" ...and I have drawn graph using column2D chart to plot both columns in X, Y axis.

I have 2nd SQL Table with some user information and he enters some value say 120..I want to point or show this value on the my graph that your value fall here.


Hope I am able to explain my question well.




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Guest Angshu



Please find the sample XML code below:


<chart caption='Airline Quote' xAxisName='Price' yAxisName='Units' numberPrefix='$'  showValues='0'>

  <set label='Excellent' value='40'  />
  <set label='Good' value='60' showValue='1' displayValue='Your Value is Here'/>
  <set label='Still Good' value='100'  />
  <set label='High' value='200' />
  <set label='BorderHigh' value='250'  />
  <set label='Worst' value='300'  />



Please find the screenshot attached for your reference.


Hope this helps.smile.gif


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