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  1. Using SWFObject 2.0 with FusionMaps

    Thanks for the reply. I am using the same thing and it is running on my simple HTML but not working on my application's jsp. Pleaes let me know why this is not working on my jsp page???? Thanks Mahesh
  2. xml data passing to swfobject 2.0

    Thanks for the reply. When we use swfobject2.0 we use: var flashvars = {}; flashvars.xmlPath = "Data.xml"; swfobject.embedSWF("FCMap_World.swf", "flashcontent", "580", "350", "9.0.0", flashvars); This is working in my simple HTML file bot not working with my J2EE application's jsp file. Do you have any idea about that???? Thanks Mahesh
  3. Clickable Marker

    Hi All, I want to make a marker clickable and want to open hmm suppose by clicking this marker. Can anyone please help me? Thanks Mahesh
  4. Clickable Marker

    I have uninstalled all the Flash Players but still i am getting the Fusion Map running on page. Can you guide me what should i do??? Thanks Mahesh
  5. Clickable Marker

    Can anyone please let me know why link="" is not working on my system???? Thanks Mahesh
  6. Clickable Marker

    Can you please help me why this is not working on my machine??? Thanks Mahesh
  7. Clickable Marker

    Sudipto, Can you please help me out to find the reason why it is not working in my machine. and it is properly working in another machine. Thanks for that. Thanks Mahesh
  8. Clickable Marker

    Oh...thats GREAT... its working at one of my team mate machine with link=''. Thanks a lot. Can you please let me know what should i do to make this working on my machine.:)
  9. Clickable Marker

    I am using swfobject.js instead of FusionMaps.js and using the object of the swfobject.js. Is this the point where i am going wrong?? Please get the attached js and the simple HTML. swfobject.txt TWCiWorldMap.txt
  10. Clickable Marker

    Hi Sudipto, Have you got the solution of my problem. Thanks Mahesh
  11. Clickable Marker

    Sorry for delayed response. Yes i have tried on IE7. Results are same.
  12. Clickable Marker

    This the only thing i am worried about. When i am using link='' it is not working even when i am trying to make the entire map clickable using clickURL='' in tag, it is not working at all. By doing just hit and trials, i made this like link='http:/' in simple html, it started working. I got surprised. and used same clickURL='' and the entire maps was clickable and redirect me to by this single '/':hehe:. OK. But when i am using the same code in my j2ee tag file, both things http:// and http:/ are not working. It creates a lot of headache to me. Please help to solve the issue. OK let me make you clear that http:// and http:/ both are not working in my j2ee application that used a jsp and tag file. AND with only simple HTML http:/ is working not http:// Thanks Mahesh
  13. Clickable Marker

    Thanks Sudipto for the information. Ok i have done the same thing. And please get the attached txt file that contains the actual xml data. Please have a look nand let me know where i am wrong. When i am using simple html it works with link='http:/' but when i am using this in my j2ee application, it is not working. Please help me. Thanks Mahesh mapData.txt
  14. Clickable Marker

    Hi Sudipto, I am not getting these points: The minor version of the map setting debug mode on and Provide the XML from the debug window (by copy pasting to a text file) Please let me know how to provide this. Thanks Mahesh
  15. Clickable Marker

    One more confusion is there. When i am hitting a simple html, then it is working with link='http:/' but when i am using this in my j2ee application, it is not working. Thanks Mahesh
  16. Previously i was using the downloaded evelution version of FCMap_World.swf and i was able to get the markers on page. But now i am using the Licenced version of FCMap_World.swf and now only map is coming but i am not getting any marker on page. Is there any changes in attributes. Please let me know. Thanks Mahesh
  17. Clickable Marker

    I will not be able to make it live. Can i call you? Pleaes give me your contact number
  18. Clickable Marker

    Hi, i am using firefox2and using java platform(eclipse) and in my j2ee project i am using the xml to provide data to swf file through swfobject. I have uploaded the tag file in a fom of a txt file. Please have a look and let me know where i am wrong Thanks Mahesh fcWorldMap.txt
  19. Clickable Marker

    I am quite surprised. It is working when i am trying link='http:/'. Note single '/' Thanks Mahesh
  20. Hi All, I want to make a label(marker label) clickable and redirect Can anyone please help me how to do this?? Thanks Mahesh
  21. Need to make marker label clickable.

    Can anyone please reply how to do this. Currently i am using link='' but its not working. Thanks Mahesh
  22. Clickable Marker

    Can anyone pleaes help. It is still not working. Thanks Mahesh
  23. Clickable Marker

    I am very confused. Sometime it works and some time doesn't work.
  24. Can anyone please provide x-y co-ordinate for Germany?
  25. Clickable Marker

    when i am trying to use link='' (Without 'http://') it is taking the relative path which tries to find inside the Root dir in which my html lies. It is not takin the request with absolute path which should be htt:// Can anyone please help me to sort out the thing?? Thanks Mahesh