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  2. I want to set up different colors for values in each line in multi series line chart. Try to set valueFontColor but seem it could not affect the color in the value. Does Fusion Chart support for this case? FusionCharts.ready(function () { var visitChart = new FusionCharts({ type: 'msline', renderAt: 'chart-container', width: '550', height: '350', dataFormat: 'json', dataSource: { "chart": { "caption": "Number of visitors last week", "subCaption": "Bakersfield Central vs Los Angeles Topanga", "captionFontSize": "14", "subcaptionFontSize": "14", "subcaptionFontBold": "0", "paletteColors": "#0075c2,#1aaf5d", "bgcolor": "#ffffff", "showBorder": "0", "showShadow": "0", "showCanvasBorder": "0", "usePlotGradientColor": "0", "legendBorderAlpha": "0", "legendShadow": "0", "showAxisLines": "0", "showAlternateHGridColor": "0", "divlineThickness": "1", "divLineIsDashed": "1", "divLineDashLen": "1", "divLineGapLen": "1", "xAxisName": "Day", "showValues": "0" }, "categories": [ { "category": [ { "label": "Mon" }, { "label": "Tue" }, { "label": "Wed" }, { "label": "Thu" }, { "label": "Fri" }, { "label": "Sat" }, { "label": "Sun" } ] } ], "dataset": [ { "seriesname": "Bakersfield Central", "valueFontColor" : "#ED7D31", "showValues":"1", "data": [ { "value": "15123" }, { "value": "14233" }, { "value": "25507" }, { "value": "9110" }, { "value": "15529" }, { "value": "20803" }, { "value": "19202" } ] }, { "seriesname": "Los Angeles Topanga", "valueFontColor" : "#ED7D31", "data": [ { "value": "13400" }, { "value": "12800" }, { "value": "22800" }, { "value": "12400" }, { "value": "15800" }, { "value": "19800" }, { "value": "21800" } ] } ], } }).render(); });
  3. Cannot read property 'el' of undefined

    I had this same issue on FusionCharts 3.12.0. It only happened in the Chrome browser for me. Unfortunately the only resolution I could find was to disable animation on the charts using the animation: "0" configuration parameter on the chart object.
  4. Hi Colly, To place a circle on a specific bar on the chart, you need to use the Circle annotation feature of FusionCharts. Circle annotations are static elements that could be placed anywhere on the chart by setting the "x" and "y" co-ordinates accordingly. Please refer to the below documentation for further information regarding Circle annotation : To place the annotations you could also use the pre-defined macros, please refer to the documentation : Also find a sample fiddle for reference : Thanks, Akash.
  5. Hello everyone! I am newbie in using of Fusion Charts. I am going to use Fusion Charts in JavaScript and there is one trouble. I need to customize volume bars. For example I want to draw a solid circle mark on a specific volume bar. Is it possible and if possible, how can I implement this? I hope detailed help. Thanks.
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  7. CSS transform breaks higlighting and tooltips

    Hi, We were able to replicate the problem, and we have already forwarded this to the concerned team, we would get back to you if there are any updates.
  8. Firefox multiple Pie2d on page label error

    Hello, We have already shared the patch file with you. Please check and let us know whether you have received the correct patch or not.
  9. Hi, Apologies for the delayed response. FusionCharts uses its own internal algorithm to calculate the y-axis div line calculation, also based on the data you have shared since the difference between the intervals are uneven it will not be possible to show the values as [98644729, 88484843, 56464921], you could set the limits using yAXisMaxValue and yAxisMinValue attribute but the mid value will be different than you have specified, you can also control the number of div lines using numDivLine attribute.
  10. Hello. I try set some attributes e.g. //Number Formatting "formatNumber": "1", "formatNumberScale ": "0", "numberPrefix":"$ ", "vNumberPrefix":" " but my chart doesn't change =( here is some code
  11. Firefox multiple Pie2d on page label error

    I have requested this fix three times using the support email address. Please share this fix with us. Thanks! Ticket 522433
  12. Hi, during my current project, i came up with following issue. If an ancestor element of a fusioncharts span element is moved by a css transform, the tooltip and highlighting of the bars breaks. As example (attached) i reproduced it in the docs section by moving the chart example container with transform. Verified on current Chrome, Firefox and Edge Any hint on how this could be fixed? Thanks Paul
  13. Design of heat map chart like table

    Hi, In heat map chart the number of columns and number of rows are defined for the entire tabular structure so showing a custom header at the top is not possible, however, as a workaround you could showcase the header information using caption attribute of FusionCharts.
  14. Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to set default values for your Y-Axis. For example if I have the values y: [98644729, 88484843, 56464921] x: [1, 2, 3]. I want to be able to have the y-values on the left(check image) show exactly [98644729, 88484843, 56464921] instead of showing generic values
  15. I want to change heat map chart design like HTML table. Is it possible? My table has 1 header on its top and left, and no total. It's simpler than sample image.
  16. Hi Yes, All supported charts except ZoomLine chart support drill-down functionality. Please note when implementing the linked chart functionality the child chart data is included in parent chart and the child chart data structure should confirm the parent chart data structure. For further reference please check the following documentation link for the drill-down functionality of FusionCharts Please check the documentation and implement accordingly. Hope this would help
  17. Hi. Is it possible to create drill-down linked charts with a muti Y-axis combination chart as the parent chart? Regards. Jarod.
  18. Hi, Hope you are doing great. Please drop a mail to [email protected], with your licensing details, so that we could share a patch fix for the above problem accordingly.
  19. Angle Gauge Limits

    Hi, Please share us a scale down sample of the problem you are facing so that we could investigate it further, also please share us which version of FuisonCharts you are using. For reference please check the sample fiddle in Plain JS -
  20. Hi, Any updates? It's been 2 months and I guess that the cause of the problem has be found. Thanks for update.
  21. Creating Charts in AngularJS

    Thanks for the Quote, now it is very easy to implement it in the angular JS. I have some problems with linking between two pages using the JS. if there any kind of easy coding available, ping me on Yahoo Tech Support
  22. Angle Gauge Limits

    Hello. I am making a gauge to show if we are ahead or behind our schedule. Hence the gauge needs to swing from -60 mins to +60 mins, with '0' at the centre. Problem. I have the Lower Value set at -60 and it needs to stay there so the gauge looks level. BUT upon update the Lower Limit always increases the lower limit. This happens regardless of the updated value. So if the updated value is +14, it still changes the Lower Limit. See picture. How can I stop it changing its self please? Jamie $Schedule = array( "chart" => array( "caption" => $schedule_main[0]['n1'], "showValue" => "1", "valueBelowPivot" => "1", "majorTMNumber" => "4", "minorTMNumber" => "4", "gaugeFillMix" => "{dark-30},{light-60},{dark-10}", "gaugeOuterRadius" => "100%", "gaugeInnerRadius" => "60%", "minValue" => "-60", "theme" => "fint" ) ); $colorRange = array( "color" => array( array( "minValue" => "-60", "maxValue" => $schedule_main[0]['t2'], "code" => $schedule_main[0]['colourL'] ), array( "minValue" => $schedule_main[0]['t2'], "maxValue" => $schedule_main[0]['t1'], "code" => $schedule_main[0]['colourM'] ), array( "minValue" => $schedule_main[0]['t1'], "maxValue" => $schedule_main[0]['tmax'], "code" => $schedule_main[0]['colourH'] ) ) );
  23. Background color of Spark Column

    Hi, In order to set the canvas color same as the background either set the same hex code for canvasBgColor as you have applied for bgColor attribute or you could set the canvasBgAlpha as 0, and provide the color using only bgColor. A sample for reference -
  24. Is there a way to remove the white background where the data plots show? I tried using bgColor and canvasBgColor and they are set to transparent with Alpha set to 0, but I can't seem to find how to change the background color where the columns are at. Any help?
  25. Hi, Please share us which version of FusionCharts angular 2 plugin you are using, also please check the path location 'fusioncharts' : '/lib/fusioncharts/fusioncharts.js' is proper or not. For reference please check the latest FusionCharts Angular 2 plugin link -
  26. I have a SharePoint list with two fields that I am using for a chart: InspectionId InspectionStatus I am using 'Single Series', 'Pie 2D' chart. 1. I group by 'InspectionStatus'. 2. For each group, display following series: one or more fields(s) 3. Choose from the following series: COUNT of InspectionId Is there a way to specify COLOR for each Pie chart piece: Failure - color red Pass - color green Warning - color yellow I know, I can use 'Multi Series' - 'Multi Series Column 2D' chart to control color of each series, but I would like to do the same with a Pie chart. I that possible?
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