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  2. Issues with 'worldwithcountries' map

    Hi, Yes it is possible to show the legends without the gradient bar, please check the sample for reference -
  3. Issues with 'worldwithcountries' map

    The default 'gradient' legends aren't really ideal for this particular use case and also seem to have a weird side effect of messing with the scaling of the map (ends up being about 50% as big). It doesn't look like FusionMaps supports the FusionCharts-styled legends: If that's the case, adding a simple .png/jpeg image that looks like the normal legend (but can't be interacted with) would be sufficient but I don't see anywhere in the docs that outlines how to insert arbitrary images into charts. It would be possible to add it outside of the chart but then chart exporting would not include the legend which is not ideal. Is there a reasonably straight forward way of appending a custom image to the bottom of a chart if there is no way to display the FusionCharts-style legends on a FusionMaps chart? Thanks again for the help on this.
  4. Cannot read property 'el' of undefined

    Hi, Would like to request you please check your implementation and include all library files for different genre of charts.
  5. Cannot read property 'el' of undefined

    Any solution for this? Same issue here
  6. Issues with 'worldwithcountries' map

    Yes, you can draw gradient legends using color range object of FusionCharts, check the sample fiddle for reference - For details regarding this feature check this link -
  7. Issues with 'worldwithcountries' map

    @Ayan Bhadury It doesn't look like legends are supported on this chart type. Is that the case? If they are, are there any example fiddles showcasing this? Thanks again.
  8. Issues with 'worldwithcountries' map

    For anyone else who wants a quick fix for this one: events: { drawComplete: function() { reAlignMapChart(); }, renderComplete: function() { if (!mapChartHasBeenReAligned) { reAlignMapChart(); } }, resized: function() { reAlignMapChart(); } } // Handle map chart offset as a result of the islands west of Asia/Australia. function reAlignMapChart() { // Ensure that we're doing this just after the chart is calculated but before it's rendered. setTimeout(function() { var mainMapObjectToMove = $('.raphael-group-8-dataset'); // Check if chart is ready yet. if (mainMapObjectToMove.attr('transform') == null) { return; } var transformationProperties = mainMapObjectToMove.attr('transform').split(','); if (parseInt(transformationProperties[4]) == 0) { transformationProperties[4] = window.innerWidth / 14.5; // found through manual testing. } else { transformationProperties[4] = parseInt(transformationProperties[4]) * 1.272; // Found through manual testing. } var newTransformation = transformationProperties.join(); mainMapObjectToMove.attr('transform', newTransformation); mapChartHasBeenReAligned = true; }, 0); }
  9. Changing chart type dynamically

    Thanks, Ayan. Waiting for the update so that we can get it moved to next level.
  10. Hi, Please check the sample fiddle using version 3.12.2 which is working fine at our end -
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  12. I am having the same issue ..running has been few years!
  13. Changing chart type dynamically

    Hi, We are able to replicate the issue, we have logged it internally, we would get back to you if there are any updates.
  14. Beginners guideline

    Hi, As of now we do not have a YouTube tutorial. However rendering a simple chart is pretty easy. FusionCharts is a JavaScript charting library, to install it all you need is to download it and paste it in your project folder. The download package includes a list of JS files, which you need to include in your web page or application. Regarding installation of FusionCharts refer to the following documentation link : Please refer to the simple step by step instructions in the "Build your first chart" documentation link : Also find a sample project in the DropBox link rendering a chart following the above steps : Column chart - Thanks, Akash.
  15. Beginners guideline

    Hello, I recently have started using Fusion Charts, but cannot get the hand out of it to maximize its potential. I have already checked so I was wondering if you know about any Youtubechannel that goes hand by hand with newbies in order to master it through the process. Thank you so much in advance.
  16. Changing chart type dynamically

    Hi, Thanks for noting the issue. These chart container id's will be generated dynamically by fusioncharts. We don't do anything for these. I am trying to find through source code, however not able to find out the code. Found for span within div, but not for the div itself. Regards, Ravi
  17. Changing chart type dynamically

    Hi, Please note the chart container id should be different for both the charts.
  18. Changing chart type dynamically

    Hello, Thanks for the reply. Sincere apologies, as I cannot provide you a sample. Please find the attached screen shots of DOM showing what happens when I change the chart type of second one. Possibly could give some hint. If you please look into the first image, div with id="container-" just beneath fusioncharts tag has a span with id="chartobject-6" for first chart and id="chartobject7" for second chart respectively. When I change chart type for second chart, the span with id="chartobject-6" gets replaced with "chartobject-7" which is content of second chart and second chart's span will just disappear.
  19. Checkmarx reports potential XSS issues

    Hi, We are looking into this, we would get back to you if there are any updates.
  20. Changing chart type dynamically

    Hi, Please share us a sample replicating the issue, so that we could assist you further.
  21. Hi, Please check the sample from the attachment which renders a chart using XML URL index.html
  22. Changing chart type dynamically

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. I am using angular2 fusion charts. I am updating the chart type for the second chart. The dom shows the proper data. But the div with id "container-" will get replaced with the latest data. I mean the second chart data get's replaced with the first one. And the div with id "container-" will be empty for the second chart. I have no live application to share the URL, since still in development. I can share the DOM screen shot, if needed.
  23. Changing chart type dynamically

    Hi, Please check the implementation once, it seems like you are updating the chart type for the first chart, also please check whether you are using FusionCharts chartType API method to change its chart type at the runtime, to know more check this link - If you are still facing any problem kindly share us a sample replicating the problem or live URL so that we can investigate it further.
  24. Changing chart type dynamically

    Hi, I am facing the issue with the below scenario. I have 2 charts rendered in a page. Changing 2nd chart type, is changing the first chart type. Attached are the screenshots for your reference. After investigation found out that, the chart is getting appended to a div with id "container-" just beneath <fusioncharts> tag. Any help is highly appreciated. Regards, Ravi
  25. Ayan, Thank you for your help. Taking your suggestion I tried loading the three fusioncharts scripts lines of code to the main & home templates: <head> <script type="text/javascript" src="fusioncharts/js/fusioncharts.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="fusioncharts/js/fusioncharts.charts.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="fusioncharts/js/themes/fusioncharts.theme.carbon.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> That did correct some of the behavior. I no longer have to click anything twice before fusioncharts loads. Thank you for that. I still need to figure out the reactivity issues. I used the xmlurl method to implement the charts and when those underlying xml files change the website does rebuild but fusioncharts doesnt reload for some reason. I still have those same error messages. This is an internal site so I am struggling to see how can I give you a live link to use. I dont think fiddles will work because I dont think fiddles allow you to use the xmlurl method with a file in your public folder. Do you have a suggestion how I can do that? And thank you in advance for all of your help.
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