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  3. Creating Charts in AngularJS

    This is nice it is anything but difficult to execute it in the rakish JS. I have a few issues with connecting between two pages utilizing the JS. thanks for this post. MS Surface Support Service
  4. Creating Charts in AngularJS

    Angular JS is the programming language through which we can build programs and then softwares. I learned this language along with the JQuery and Java. Thanks for providing the solution. HP Printer Repair Dubai
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  6. Upgrade to 3.12.1 causing Gantt display problems

    Hi, Hope you are keeping well! Thank you for your continued patience. For the issue reported, could you please upgrade your current version to the latest, i.e, FusionCharts Suite XT v3.13.2? Please check the sample for reference To avail the licensed release, you would need to re-download the entire package from the My Orders section of FusionCharts Product Update Center. PUC URL: To download the Evaluation version of FusionCharts Suite XT v3.13.2, please visit the link: Btw, we’ve just released a new version of FusionCharts & our new web, with lot more chart samples, dashboards & completely new data stories. We would love to have your feedback. If you need any further assistance, please do drop us a mail or just put a comment here.
  7. I would like to ask how to create a project that has FusionCharts taking data from a database using the xampp 7.2 application. The tutorial is made for wampp. I have tried this tutorial ( ) using the xampp application but it does not work. How do I implement FusionCharts' database integration using xampp? Please teach me using the example in the link if possible and provide details on the folders/directories used along with the code. I have attached the full sample project I created. The project was placed in "xampp/htdocs/FusionCharts Sample/ ". FusionCharts_Sample.rar
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  9. Zoom Line Chart Macroscopic View

    Hi, The feature to display the peak data on rendering a Zoomline chart has been introduced now. Please check the documentation link for reference : Thanks, Akash.
  10. Very Large Box and Whisker Datasets

    Hi Akash; Thanks for reply. However I don't understand the rational for not supporting this type of charts for large datasets. A Box and Whisker chart is a chart that is used to describe a set of numbers. It describes a dataset regardless of its size. I do not understand why my end user should only see this chart when it comes from a small amount of data and should not see it if it comes from a huge dataset of numbers. Even more, statistical information makes more sense for large amounts of data. FusionCharts is a charting library, not a statistics library, so I should be able to display the best charts to describe the data that I want to communicate to the end user. On top of this, the way we manage data is by applying weights to the different numbers of the dataset (not all data points have the same weight), so in this case letting the chart to calculate the statistics is not going to work either. I really think that as a charting library FusionCharts should seriously consider to provide a way to display Box and Whisker charts for large datasets. If this means that key metrics (median, q1, q3, etc.) should be calculated in advance and then given to the library to plot the intended chart, this is fine. I bought the PowerCharts license mainly for this type of chart. As our application manages large amounts of data I need your support to find a workaround that allows us to display Box and Whisker charts for large datasets. Please provide some assistance and help. Best regards, Jordi
  11. Very Large Box and Whisker Datasets

    Hi Jordi, The Box and Whisker chart of FusionCharts is a statistical chart that shows a frequency distribution drawing a statistical conclusion for the given data using the five number summary principle. It provides the feature to show mean, median, upper and lower quartiles, and the minimum and maximum numbers for a given set of data. It also calculates and displays the mean deviation, standard deviation, and the quartile deviation for the given set of data. Please check the below documentation links for reference : Features of Box and Whisker chart : Five number principle : Sample fiddle : Box and Whisker chart is a statistical chart that is not developed to visualize huge dataset. FusionCharts provides separate chart types that supports huge dataset, please check the documentation link for reference : Please note : These chart types supporting huge dataset does not support statistical chart functionalities like Box and Whisker chart. Thanks, Akash.
  12. Very Large Box and Whisker Datasets

    Hi; I'm using release v3.13.1-src1, and I need to use Box and Whisker charts with tens of thousands of values, so sending all of the values to the browser is not going to work efficiently. I understand from this thread that this chart can also be displayed if I calculate the median, q1, q3 etc. but I cannot find it in the documentation. Please can you confirm whether this is supported and provide some documentation on how to do it? Thanks for your support, Jordi
  13. Hi Aamir, You can switch the chart types at run-time using the chartType() API method supported by FusionCharts. However, please note the switching chart types must have same dataSource structures. As you have not mentioned the chart type that you are using or switching to, please find a sample fiddle using the above mentioned method to change among the compatible chart types. Sample fiddle : Documentation reference link : As this is working fine at our end, if you still face the problem, kindly provide a sample replicating the issue and let us know the chart types you are using, so that we can provide you a solution. Thanks, Akash.
  14. The issue occurs on switching between chart types and on creation of new charts. The javascript included for rendering is fusioncharts.js. No plugins are used for rendering the chart. I have checked the alias names, they are the same as mentioned on the fusioncharts site.
  15. Hi Aamir, Please let us know which chart type you are using, and the list of JS files that you are including in your application to render the chart. Also let us know whether you are using any of the FusionCharts client-side plugins(like Angular, etc) to render the chart. The error "Chart type not supported" is displayed when the chart "type" is provided with a wrong chart alias name, or you have not included the required JS file for the chart type. Thanks, Akash.
  16. Hi, We upgraded the Fusion chart version from 3.10.1 to 3.13.1 after upgrading there is an issue "Chart type not supported error message". if we change the chart type to other hit an error message "Chart Type Not Supported" ,once we refresh the page it's load the chart. please response to this issue as soon as possible .
  17. Create line chart 3D

    Hi Marcos, The list of 3D charts that FusionCharts provide renders a chart with 3 dimensional view of the plots. It does not support 3rd axis(z) on top of x and y axis(horizontal and vertical) as of now. The supported visualization is as below : You can check the list of available 3D charts from the below link : Thanks, Akash.
  18. Create line chart 3D

    We are developing a web system that we will need 3D charts and I’m testing librarys to use. I didn’t see options to create charts with 3 axis. Can I put values for x,y and z? Can I create a visual z axis? The image is to illustrate what I want to do. Thanks.
  19. Drill on markers

    Hi, Yes, markers support drill-down functionality using the "link" attribute of the marker objects. Unfortunately, in the current version 3.13.1-sr.1 of FusionCharts library there is an issue with the marker drill down feature. This has been logged internally and the concerned team is working on the issue. We will notify you as it gets resolved. Thanks, Akash.
  20. Chart not supported

    Please include the required JS files for the chart type that you are using. Check this documentation link for reference :
  21. Does anybody help me?

    Hi, In Bubble chart, if the bubbles have the values of x, y and z attributes equal or close to other bubbles they may overlap. So the string displayed as in the "name" attribute will also overlap since they are aligned at the center of the bubbles. To avoid overlapping of the names, you may hide the display value for few of the bubbles by setting "showValue" to "0" at each data objects, and show the values for other bubbles accordingly so that they do not overlap. You will be able to see the details in the tooltip for the bubbles with hidden values. For different colors of the bubbles, set "color" attribute at each data objects. Refer to the sample fiddle : Or, as a work-around you can add {br} to the "name" attribute so that the strings appear below or above the bubbles. Refer to this fiddle for the work-around : Thanks, Akash.
  22. Drill on markers

    Hi, I upgraded from .swf to javascript fusioncharts. I use the last version. In .swf map chart, I could drill down on marker. Now, I not able to set the xml to drill down on markers: is it still possible?
  23. Chart not supported

    Hi, I didn't include the javascript fusioncharts.zoomline.js
  24. Does anybody help me?

    I am using the bubble chart. I want to show the 'name' attribute (part of a dataset/set element) associated with some of my bubbles. When I use showValue='1', the name shows, but it directly overlays the bubble and is not pleasant to look at. What can I do to either move the label adjacent to the bubble (instead of directly atop it) or change its appearance so that it is in some complementary color that is still visible among all the other bubbles? thanks
  25. Chart not supported

    Hi, Please check whether you are providing the correct path to the fusioncharts.js file in the <script> tag of your HTML page or application. Also check if you are including all the required JS files for the chart type that you are using. Thanks, Akash.
  26. Company Logo at the place of credit on charts

    Hi Ravi, The URL that you are using does not provide access for the resource due to CORS policy. Please check the below screenshot of the console when exporting for reference : This occurs while using your provided image link in the fiddle : Please host your image accordingly so that it is accessible. Refer to the sample fiddle : Thanks, Akash.
  27. Company Logo at the place of credit on charts

    Thanks, Akash for your reply. This image works, if I mention the below URL for the LogoURL it doesn't work.
  28. Company Logo at the place of credit on charts

    Hi Ravi, This is a sample using the Angular plugin of FusionCharts that exports the chart with the image logo exported in the export file as well. Sample : Angular Plugin reference : This is working fine at our end. Kindly provide a sample replicating the issue if you still face the same problem, so that we can check it at our end. Thanks, Akash.
  29. Company Logo at the place of credit on charts

    Hi Akash, Thanks for your reply. In Angular4 we are facing the issue. In javascript it does work.
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