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  2. Creating Charts in AngularJS

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  4. Hi, In Zoomline chart, the vertical crossline changes even if the mouse does not reach the plot, this is an intended behavior of the crossline feature. Also the "dataPlotRollOver" event will be triggered when the plots are hovered, and it will not be triggered when the crossline changes. You need to hover the mouse over the data plots to get the "dataPlotRollOver" event fired. Please check the documentation of Zoomline chart for reference : Thanks, Akash.
  5. Server.Transfer

    Hi, Please elaborate your query. Thanks, Akash.
  6. Server.Transfer

    What is the difference between Server.Transfer and Response.Redirect?
  7. Last week
  8. I am using a zoomline chart I found that when moving the mouse, the vertical line changes even if the mouse does not reach the plot. How to get the plot on the vertical line when moving the mouse? dataplotRollOver event only when the mouse pointer is over the plot so,how do it?
  9. Batch export appears in one column

    Hi, Yes the Batch export feature of FusionCharts, exports multiple charts in a single page in a single column. Please refer to the documentation link : Sample for reference : For exporting dashboards, you can use FusionExport which is a separate product with additional and powerful export features : You can also provide the template structure of the dashboard. Refer to the documentation : FusionExport Demo : Thanks, Akash.
  10. Plot vertical lines with mscombi2nd

    Hi, Yes, you can set the vertical data separator lines in mscombi2d chart type as well. Please check the below fiddle modified to set the vertical line : Thanks, Akash.
  11. Multiple X-Axes

    Hi, FusionCharts does not support a similar multiple X-axis line chart like multiple y-axis line chart, as of now. However, the shared visualization could be achieved using a simple Line chart along with trendline feature. Please check the below sample fiddle for reference : Trendline documentation link : Thanks, Akash.
  12. Doughnut 2d Graph, Smart Labels

    Hi Suraj, You can set the color of the labels and the values same as the plot color using the attribute "useDataPlotColorForLabels". Please refer to the sample fiddle below : Also, to set the color of the smart line use the attribute "smartLineColor" with the hexadecimal color code. Please note : "smartLineColor" applies to all the smart lines of the chart. Thanks, Akash.
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  14. Hi, When I batch export something like attached, it gets exported in an image in a one column which looks very long. Can I customize on how many columns I want my exported image to be like? I dont wand it to look like 2nd attached image. I just want to be exported as it shows in the UI
  15. Plot vertical lines with mscombi2nd

    I added this fiddle as well and I dont know where or how to put the vertical line
  16. Referring to this Can I create it with mscombi2nd chart. I have some chart like attached and I want to this verical line to appear somewhere. Is that doable?
  17. Multiple X-Axes

    Hi, I want the same feature in here but for x-axis not y-axis. I want to create a x-bar chart, something like the image attached. Also in the multi axis line chart for y-axis. Can I specify the location more freely?
  18. HI Akash, Can we provide dynamic color through smartLineColor in Fusion charts options of Doughnut 2d Graph. I want to color the name as well the smart label line with same color as that of arc in front of it .is it possible? eg :- Kim(10/10/1989) and the line connecting it to be in blue color. and if possible can i pass array of colors for arc and then map it Thanks Suraj
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  20. Data labels on top of horizontal bar chart

    Thanks for the acknowledgement.
  21. Doughnut 2d graph,annotation

    Hi Suraj, It is not possible to set the annotations position with respect to the starting and the ending arcs of the slices in a Doughnut chart. The available macro options with respect to the dataset are in the below documentation link : Please note : Annotations are static in nature. Though, you can dynamically set the annotation configurations using the supported API, but the "x" and "y" values for the text annotations have to be set according to your requirement to place them on top of the slices. Because, fetching the slice or arc starting and ending angles are not possible using macros. Thanks, Akash.
  22. Doughnut 2d graph,annotation

    HI Akash, Please could you provide the same annotation(dynamic implementation) depending upon data input or data Sample. According to our implementation we want to plot data depending upon dynamic input from backend. So could you help me and tell how to find start angle and end angle of arcs in doughnut charts. Thanks Suraj
  23. Doughnut 2d graph,annotation

    Hi Suraj, Please find a sample fiddle using Text annotations to place labels and values as strings on top of the Doughnut slices : Thanks, Akash.
  24. Thanks Akash. That was helpful.
  25. Doughnut 2d graph,annotation

    Hi Akash, Thanks for the quick response, can you please provide sample fiddle for this. Thanks, Suraj
  26. Doughnut 2d graph,annotation

    Hi Suraj, FusionCharts does not support displaying the labels or values on the Doughnut slices. You need to use annotations to achieve this. However, since annotations are static in nature, you need to provide the "x" and "y" attributes of the text annotations accordingly with pixel values to get the text positioned on top of the slices. For further reference check the below links : Text annotations : Positioning Macros : Thanks, Akash.
  27. Doughnut 2d graph,annotation

    I am using annotation.update for the same but what how to define reference points of these points in terms of X,Y,dx,dY.
  28. Hi Piotr, Set the "showTooltip" attribute to "0", and also you need to set "useCrossline" to "0" as well. Please check the below sample for reference : Thanks, Akash.
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