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  4. Hi Soumya, Thank you for taking your time to help me out with this, however I don't think you understand what my request is. I know how to make it work properly with the colorRange object, the problem I have is that I have to enter a max value, which won't always be static. I won't always have values ranging from 1-10, depending on data it might be from 1 to 666. I'd like FusionCharts to determine the max value for me, it could look at the cell that has the highest value and set the maxValue internally for me. I suggest having a look at my example JSON again, I provided an example of the JSON I'd like to provide FusionCharts to get the desired effect. Keep in mind that FusionCharts knows how to determine the max value automatically, because if you do not provide the colorRange object, and just a single colour, it automatically determines the gradient of the colour from 1 to the highest value cell in the chart. The problem I have with this is that it only allows a range from BLACK to the specified colour, instead of a specified colour to a specified colour.
  5. Enable or Disable item from de chart and Legend

    Hi, Please find a sample fiddle for reference to enable/disable a dataset based on the selected check box : Thanks, Akash.
  6. Enable or Disable item from de chart and Legend

    Can you repost the file?
  7. [FusionTime] How to use setChartAttribute?

    Hi, We would check with the documentation of the Chart configurations and Root JSON attributes. However, you can check the navigator configuration details in the below link : As mentioned, to update the "navigator" or any object that belong to the dataSource, the setChartData() method need to be used. For FT charts, the chart "type" is always "timeseries". For different type of plots, you can set the "type" within the "yAxis" object of the dataSource. Plot type documentation link : Since, the "type" for yAxis object is part of the dataSource, so to change the plot type you need to modify the dataSource and then update it using setChartData() API method. Please note : setChartAttribute() API method would not work to change the plot type. Thanks, Akash.
  8. Need to display multiple labels under chart

    Hi, The chart type that you are using is "scrollcolumn2d". 1. The values are displayed on top or inside the column plots in a scrollcolumn2d chart type as in the below sample. It is not possible to display the values below the plots or at the bottom of the chart. Sample fiddle : 2. The series names are displayed as legends on the chart. The legends represent series, whereas the values are the plot values which belong to one of the series. So it is not possible to display values at the legends which represent series and not individual plots. To avoid misinterpretation of your requirement, it would be better if you could share a mock-up image of the chart to show where you want the values to be displayed. Thanks, Akash.
  9. Need to display multiple labels under chart

    hi Akash, Yes it is multi series scroll bar chart. Yes you are right, annotations are static so it not useful for me. In my chart each series has five bars. i want to display each bar value on bottom of the chart and series name also. i have multiple series. is it possible? Let me know if anything required from me
  10. Need to display multiple labels under chart

    Hi, Please mention the exact chart type, as it seems as per the image provided there is a scroll bar below the chart. For a scroll column chart, the annotations on the chart would not move on scrolling the chart, as annotations are static in nature. Scroll chart documentation : Annotations documentation : FusionCharts displays the x-axis category labels on a multi-series chart type, so please elaborate your above your statement. Thanks, Akash.
  11. Hi , Am new to fusion chart angular. In my chart i need to display multiple label in fusion multi series bar chart. Like attached screenshot. I tried annotations but it is not useful for me
  12. Europe Map

    Hi, To change the child map type or chart type in a drill down map or chart, you need to use the configureLink() API method to set the child map type. Please refer to the documentation link for the details of configureLink() API method : Also find a sample for reference : Thanks, Akash.
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  14. Europe Map

    Thank you for the answer I found out how to change the displayValues and it worked. At the moment I am trying to create a drill down map. There are a lot of examples in FusionCharts and I tried to use one of them. drill down to map examples { "chart": { "caption": "World Population Density", "subcaption": "Number of people per Square Mile", "theme": "fusion", "formatNumberScale": "0", "showLabels": "1", "nullEntityColor": "#C2C2D6", "nullEntityAlpha": "50", "hoverOnNull": "0", "useSNameInLabels": "0", "entityFillColor": "#A8A8A8", "entityFillHoverColor": "#E5E5E9" }, "colorrange": { "startlabel": "Low", "endlabel": "High", "code": "#e44a00", "minvalue": "0", "gradient": "1", "color": [ { "maxvalue": "60", "displayvalue": "Average", "code": "#f8bd19" }, { "maxvalue": "300", "code": "#6baa01" } ] }, "data": [ { "id": "NA", "displayValue": "North America", "value": "57.2", "link": "newchart-json-NA" }, { "id": "SA", "value": "57.1", "showLabel": "1" }, { "id": "AS", "value": "247", "showLabel": "1" }, { "id": "EU", "value": "188.5", "showLabel": "1" }, { "id": "AF", "value": "87.2", "showLabel": "1" }, { "id": "AU", "value": "8.32", "showLabel": "1" } ], "linkeddata": [ { "id": "NA", "linkedchart": { "chart": { "caption": "US Population Density by State", "subcaption": "Number of people per Square Mile", "entityFillHoverColor": "#E5E5E9", "showLabels": "1", "entityFillColor": "#A8A8A8", "theme": "fusion", "showBorder": "1", "bordercolor": "#FFFFFF", "entityborderThickness": "3" }, "colorrange": { "startlabel": "Low", "endlabel": "High", "code": "#e44a00", "minvalue": "0", "gradient": "1", "color": [ { "maxvalue": "150", "displayvalue": "Average", "code": "#f8bd19" }, { "maxvalue": "600", "code": "#6baa01" } ] }, "data": [ { "id": "HI", "value": "99" }, { "id": "DC", "value": "99" }, { "id": "MD", "value": "90" }, { "id": "DE", "value": "96" }, { "id": "RI", "value": "90" }, { "id": "WA", "value": "228" }, { "id": "OR", "value": "105" }, { "id": "CA", "value": "221" }, { "id": "AK", "value": "260" }, { "id": "ID", "value": "396" }, { "id": "NV", "value": "169" }, { "id": "AZ", "value": "435" }, { "id": "MT", "value": "445" }, { "id": "WY", "value": "455" }, { "id": "UT", "value": "227" }, { "id": "CO", "value": "214" }, { "id": "NM", "value": "196" }, { "id": "ND", "value": "331" }, { "id": "SD", "value": "374" }, { "id": "NE", "value": "329" }, { "id": "KS", "value": "231" }, { "id": "OK", "value": "150" }, { "id": "TX", "value": "202" }, { "id": "MN", "value": "137" }, { "id": "IA", "value": "143" }, { "id": "MO", "value": "424" }, { "id": "AR", "value": "485" }, { "id": "LA", "value": "124" }, { "id": "WI", "value": "181" }, { "id": "IL", "value": "120" }, { "id": "KY", "value": "309" }, { "id": "TN", "value": "250" }, { "id": "MS", "value": "351" }, { "id": "AL", "value": "271" }, { "id": "GA", "value": "124" }, { "id": "MI", "value": "120" }, { "id": "IN", "value": "205" }, { "id": "OH", "value": "476" }, { "id": "PA", "value": "445" }, { "id": "NY", "value": "369" }, { "id": "VT", "value": "322" }, { "id": "NH", "value": "216" }, { "id": "ME", "value": "404" }, { "id": "MA", "value": "165" }, { "id": "CT", "value": "316" }, { "id": "NJ", "value": "553" }, { "id": "WV", "value": "560" }, { "id": "VA", "value": "565" }, { "id": "NC", "value": "534" }, { "id": "SC", "value": "503" }, { "id": "FL", "value": "503" } ] } } ] } The problem I have is that the Map Type is not changing. At Profound we have an Event section where I can add javascript code to certain events like onchartclick, but I can't find the element ID of the map type. And i need to render the map again to have the new map. How can I solve this ?
  15. [FusionTime] How to use setChartAttribute?

    Thank you for your reply! The chart object isn't documented, is it? Maybe I'm misunderstanding the reference here: I thought that all of these attributes would be placed right under the dataSource object. It'd be great if you could update the docs. For now I'm updating the chart like this: let data = chart.getChartData(); data.navigator.enabled = false; chart.setChartData(data); chart.render(); is there a better approach to do this? What about my second question? How does setChartAttribute('type', ?) work and what is type in this context? Kind regards mnowotny
  16. [FusionTime] How to use setChartAttribute?

    Hi, The API method setChartAttribute() updates a chart's attributes with a new attribute-value pair of the chart object of the dataSource. The "navigator" object or any other object that is not part of the chart object cannot be updated using setChartAttribute() API method. To update the "navigator" or any object that belong to the dataSource, you need to use setChartData() API method to update the entire dataSource in which the navigator belongs. Thanks, Akash.
  17. Europe Map

    Hi, The names of all the entities of FusionMaps are in English language. If you want to show the entity names in any other language, you can set the "displayValue" attribute for each of the entity data objects to set your display name in your required language. Check this sample fiddle for reference : For the mentioned Europe map entities, we follow the Wikipedia link : The IDs of the entities you require is not enlisted in the above link. However, if you require the Europe map as per your requirement, please share an image of the map with all your required entity IDs, and drop a mail to [email protected] so that we could develop it as a custom map for your requirement. Thanks, Akash.
  18. Hi, I'm playing around with the FusionTime library and stumbled across the setChartAttribute function: How can I use this function with nested properties? I tried it like this: chart.setChartAttribute('navigator', {enabled : false}); chart.setChartAttribute('navigator.enabled', false); chart.setChartAttribute({navigator : {enabled : false}}); but nothing worked out. I'd also like to know how to set certain properties, like 'type'. Since the documentation states that 'type' expects a number, I tried this: chart.setChartAttribute("type", 1); chart.setChartAttribute("type", 0); chart.setChartAttribute("type", "1"); chart.setChartAttribute({type: 1}); And I also tried using 'area' or 'column' instead of the number, but that didn't work out either. How do I use this function? Can I even use this without reloading everything? Kind regards mnowotny
  19. Europe Map

    Hello, I'm using Profound UI and Fusion Charts. I have the task to look for a sales chart of europe by country. Does it is possible to change the language from English to German? The countries name are all in English I would like to have them in an another language if possible. Furthermore I need the IDs of following entities: Scotland, Wale, Northern Ireland & England as I can't find them. (there is only an ID for UK and not the other countries)
  20. Graph visualization / Node diagrams

    Hi, You can set the hoverColor attribute to set the color of individual nodes that you are hovering. However, it is not possible to set the hover color for a set or a group of nodes as you have provided the image. Documentation link for Drag node chart configuration : Thanks, Akash.
  21. Test

    This is a demo test
  22. Hi, The gradient legend is showcasing a pane which is derived from the "colorRange" definitions where the color objects need to define for numeric range blends with the next color allowing to form a gradient strip. According to your use case you need to set color object from lower to higher value i.e from white to red. For reference please check where the generic definition is provided within "colorRange" object and each color object defining the specific numeric range corresponding to a particular color. Hope this would help.
  23. Hi, I'm trying to make my heatmap chart gradient range from white to red. If I specify the red color code in the color range object for the chart it will range from black to red, which is not ideal for my use case. To fix this I'd have to do the following "colorRange": { "gradient": "1", "minValue": "0", "code": "#ffffff", "startLabel": "Poor", "endLabel": "Good", "color": [ { "code": "#FF0000", "maxValue": "666" }] } This works as expected, however the problem is that I have to specify the max value, which means I need to find the highest value column in the heatmap chart and apply that value to the maxValue key, which makes this far less convenient than it could be. It would be great if I could do something like this "colorRange": { "gradient": "1", "minValue": "0" "startCode": "#ffffff", "code": "#FF0000", "startLabel": "Poor", "endLabel": "Good" } Which would result in the following Thanks in advance
  24. Upgrade 3.8.0 => 3.11.3 loses x-axis labels if slanted

    Hi, As a work-around solution to avoid the reported scenario, you could use the "canvasLeftPadding" attribute to set an absolute padding so that the slanted labels are not partially visible. Sample fiddle with the above work-around : Thanks, Akash.
  25. Graph visualization / Node diagrams

    Hi, I want it to look like the picture I sent in the attachment. Focus on Related Links thanks
  26. Hi Pierre, The same sample in the FusionCharts website we are not getting such issue. Please check the below screenshot : Thanks, Akash.
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