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  2. Version 3.12.1 upgrade caused issues

    Thanks for the update. Sounds good. Will try the latest version and see.
  3. Firefox Mouse/Touch Issues

    Hello, Currently, there is no workaround available for the issue as it is browser specific. We will keep you updated with the fix.
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  5. Firefox Mouse/Touch Issues

    Ok, thank you. Please keep us updated on the status or any workarounds we can apply without a patch. Matt
  6. Version 3.12.1 upgrade caused issues

    Hello, FusionCharts 3.12.2 release is available now. You can download latest files from PUC portal: You can also download evaluation version, using this link: Version History link: Please check for the issues reported and revert back to us if you have any queries.
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  8. Version 3.12.1 upgrade caused issues

    Any update on this? I am looking for your developer perspective on what situation can cause this to happen as the 'abcd..wxyz' text is coming from fusioncharts.js and it was working well before the 3.12.1 version
  9. Firefox Mouse/Touch Issues

    Hello, We have logged these issues as a bug for Windows 10 FireFox browser (v 56.0), will keep you updated. Hope this will help.
  10. Gantt Chart Indent Tasks

    Hi, Thanks for the query. Please set the align attribute within processes object as left, center or right to set the alignment for the process labels. For further reference please check the sample fiddle Please note here the align attribute within the processes object is set as left but according to your requirement you could set the center or right. Thanks
  11. Version 3.12.1 upgrade caused issues

    Yes, this one seems to work fine. I am not sure what is making the text show up in our chart. Can you please give any insight of why this can happen on a chart as I mentioned earlier that the createDummyText method from fusioncharts.js method is generating this text. I tried different ways of hiding the text but that is messing up how the choices show up for a pie chart.
  12. Hi, one question about the multi level pie chart component: is it possible to let the hover effect for a data plot stay active after user clicks on it (a click on another data plot would revert it back and activate the other plot)? Thanks in advance Olli
  13. Invalid Property Value

    Hello, Thanks for the query. As per the error, it seems you are rendering the chart with json data source. Please add the script given below, as IE7 natively doesn't support JSON2. <script src=""></script> Hope It will resolve the issue.
  14. Pointer position in linear gauge

    Hi, Natively, FusionCharts Horizontal Linear Gauge do not support displaying the pointer in the middle. It can be set to "top" or "below" using the boolean attribute "pointerOnTop". However, if you have a static implementation and want to have a pointer placed in the middle of the gauge with out any real-time feature enabled, you can place a Shape Annotation instead of the pointer. Refer to this sample using Shape annotation to place a static pointer in middle : Please note : -Annotations are static in nature. -No animations will be enabled. -You need to place the "x" and "y" co-ordinate of the annotations accordingly. Reference docs : Thanks, Akash.
  15. Drag Node Connector and Font size

    Hello, The line appearing at the top is the div line and the line at the bottom is the X-axis line. To remove those line, please set divLineAlpha and xAxisLineAlpha as 0. Please refer the sample given below for the implementation.
  16. Firefox Mouse/Touch Issues

    Hello, We are looking into this as the issue is system specific, will keep you updated.
  17. Hi, Legends are not supported for Single series charts. As a work around, you can make use of Theme managers and Annotations, to meet your requirements. JSFiddle link: Hope this helps.
  18. Version 3.12.1 upgrade caused issues

    Hello, Hope you have received the response sent to this topic mentioned below. In case you have not received any response, please comment in this thread. We will be happy to assist you.
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  20. Invalid Property Value

    Any ideas anyone? Thanks Matt
  21. Version 3.12.1 upgrade caused issues

    Hey, Thanks for the email. Please check this sample once, and share your experience.
  22. Version 3.12.1 upgrade caused issues

    Sorry about the delay. I tried the fiddle but it does not seem to show any output. Please see the attached file. Can you please give a developer perspective on why the 'createDummyText' method is added and how it is effecting the chart. I tried to go through the code differences from 3.12.0 to 3.12.1 and this was one of the methods that was added. Inside this method, it is adding the text node 'abcdefhiklmnopqrstuvwxyz'. Any help is appreciated.
  23. Pointer position in linear gauge

    Hi, Is it possible to position the pointer in a linear gauge in the middle instead of the top or bottom? Please find the image below for reference
  24. Drag Node Connector and Font size

    Thankyou so much. Was looking for that from so many days. Also can you please let me know how to remove the dotted line appearing at the top and also line at the bottom.
  25. I have read all of the postings on chart type not supported but have not been able to solve my problem. Also.. all of the JSFiddle examples you posted dont work. Here is my file import React, { Component } from 'react'; import logo from './logo.svg'; import './App.css'; import './App.js'; import logos from './google_logo.png' // relative path to image import Grid from './Grid_Icon.png' // relative path to image import ReactDOM from 'react-dom'; import fusioncharts from 'fusioncharts'; // Load the charts module import charts from 'fusioncharts/fusioncharts.charts'; import ReactFC from 'react-fusioncharts'; var attrs = { "caption": "Sales Comparison: 2013 versus 2014", "subCaption": "Harry's SuperMart", "numberprefix": "$", "plotgradientcolor": "", "bgcolor": "FFFFFF", "showalternatehgridcolor": "0", "divlinecolor": "CCCCCC", "showvalues": "0", "showcanvasborder": "0", "canvasborderalpha": "0", "canvasbordercolor": "CCCCCC", "canvasborderthickness": "1", "yaxismaxvalue": "30000", "captionpadding": "30", "linethickness": "3", "yaxisvaluespadding": "15", "legendshadow": "0", "legendborderalpha": "0", "palettecolors": "#f8bd19,#008ee4,#33bdda,#e44a00,#6baa01,#583e78", "showborder": "0" }; var categories = [{ "category": [{ "label": "Jan" }, { "label": "Feb" }, { "label": "Mar" }, { "label": "Apr" }, { "label": "May" }, { "label": "Jun" }, { "label": "Jul" }, { "label": "Aug" }, { "label": "Sep" }, { "label": "Oct" }, { "label": "Nov" }, { "label": "Dec" }] }]; var dataset = [{ "seriesname": "2013", "data": [{ "value": "22400" }, { "value": "24800" }, { "value": "21800" }, { "value": "21800" }, { "value": "24600" }, { "value": "27600" }, { "value": "26800" }, { "value": "27700" }, { "value": "23700" }, { "value": "25900" }, { "value": "26800" }, { "value": "24800" }] }, { "seriesname": "2012", "data": [{ "value": "10000" }, { "value": "11500" }, { "value": "12500" }, { "value": "15000" }, { "value": "16000" }, { "value": "17600" }, { "value": "18800" }, { "value": "19700" }, { "value": "21700" }, { "value": "21900" }, { "value": "22900" }, { "value": "20800" }] } ]; class App extends Component { render() { return ( <div> <div id="box"> <div id="logo"> <img src={logos} alt={"logo"}/> </div> <div></div> <div id="Rider-Text" class="flexcontainer"> Passengers to Date </div> <div class="clock"></div> ReactDOM.render( <ReactFC width="600" height="400" type="msline" chart="attrs" categories="categories" dataset="dataset" />, document.getElementById('chart-container') ); <div id="Rider-Text" class="flexcontainer"> Launched | </div> <div id="Rider-Text-Small" class="flexcontainer"> 2/3/2015 </div> <div id="chart-container">FusionCharts XT will load here!</div> </div> <div id="grid" class="flexcontainer"> <a href="#"><img src={Grid} alt={"logo"}/></a> </div> </div> ); } } export default App;
  26. Version 3.12.1 upgrade caused issues

    Hi, We have inspected the code you have shared and tried to replicate the issue. The chart is working as expected from our end, i.e the issue is not getting replicated. Please find the sample fiddle given below for the reference.
  27. Drag Node Connector and Font size

    Hi Sumit, Thanks for the query. Please refer the sample fiddle given below for the implementation.
  28. Firefox Mouse/Touch Issues

    Fusion Chart Team, Do you have any information on this Bug Report? Thanks, Matt
  29. Version 3.12.1 upgrade caused issues

    Thanks for looking into this. Below is a sample code that generates a chart and it has the issue of the 'abcd...z' showing up. <chart theme='fint' baseFontSize='14' valueFontSize='14' legendItemFontSize='12' pieRadius='57' caption='Browser Stats' xAxisName='Browser' yAxisName='Visitors' numberPrefix='' formatNumberScale='0'> <set label='Chrome' value='2' /> </chart>
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