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  2. What`s chart should i use?

    Hi, You can use a stacked bar chart :
  3. What`s chart should i use?

    Hello, i´m working on a project and i want to implement a chart like this: 4 colors and they have to concatenate in a timelane. What is the best chart for me? Thanks.
  4. Gap between x axis categories

  5. Gap between x axis categories

    Thank you Ayan! Problem solved
  6. Gap between x axis categories

    If the space between the categories will reduce the plot size will increase accordingly, so as to accommodate the space. Also, check out the numVisiblePlot attribute
  7. Gap between x axis categories

    Hi Ayan, I already tried to do so but it didn't solved what I'm looking for: I want that the X axis will appear without scrolling and that the space between each category will be reduced (the columns\bars size 'll be reduced as well)...
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  9. Welcome !! Happy charting!!
  10. Refer to this demo : And apply the data structure (objects) accordingly.
  11. Hi, I'm trying to work with msstackedcolumn2d in order to see two stacked columns, but somehow I see only one. What am I missing? '{"type":"msstackedcolumn2d", "renderAt":"chart-container", "width":"100%", "height":"50%", "dataFormat":"json", "dataSource":{"chart":{"caption":"title...", "subCaption":"10/2020 - 04/2021", "xAxisName":"","yAxisName":"Consumption","theme":"fusion","exportEnabled":1,"plotSpacePercent": 80}, "categories":[{"category":[{"label":"10/2020"},{"label":"11/2020"},{"label":"12/2020"},{"label":"01/2021"},{"label":"02/2021"},{"label":"03/2021"}]}], "dataset":[{ "dataset": [{"seriesname":"A import", "color":"009933", "data": [{ "value":"1.200"},{ "value":"1.200"},{ "value":"1.200"},{ "value":"1.200"},{ "value":"1.200"},{ "value":"0.410"}]}, {"seriesname":"C import", "color":"3366cc", "data": [{ "value":"0.470"},{ "value":"0.470"},{ "value":"0.470"},{ "value":"0.470"},{ "value":"0.470"},{ "value":"1.400"}]}], "dataset": [{"seriesname":"A export", "color":"80ffbf", "data": [{ "value":"0.890"},{ "value":"0.890"},{ "value":"0.890"},{ "value":"0.890"},{ "value":"0.890"},{ "value":"0.700"}]}, {"seriesname":"C export", "color":"99ddff" , "data": [{ "value":"1.300"},{ "value":"1.300"},{ "value":"1.300"},{ "value":"1.300"},{ "value":"1.300"},{ "value":"1.700"}]}] }] , "trendlines": []}}'
  12. Gap between x axis categories

    set lower value the more you increase the plotSpacePercent value the greater will be the distance
  13. Gap between x axis categories

    When I change the plotSpacePercent value to 80 (for example) I got the following change( see pic). I want to minimize the space between the categories as well( reduce the between 10/2020-11/2020 etc...)
  14. Export to JPG

    To export the chart at the server side you can use FusionExport -
  15. Gap between x axis categories

    The gap between the two categories could be adjusted using plotSpacePercent, please let us know the problem you are facing while applying this attribute so that we could check accordingly.
  16. Hi all, How can minimize the X axis: minimize the columns size and reduce the gap between the categories (for example, reduce the space between the 10/2020 and 11/2020). I tried to use maxColWidth and plotSpacePercent but it didn't solved all the issues above. Thank you!
  17. Wrong values on aggregated data tooltips

    Hi, In the below sample, the "Last" aggregation function is used and the timeseries chart is rendered as expected without any errors. Please refer to this demo for implementation: Please try replicating the issue you are facing in the above sample and share with us so that we can check. Thanks, Srishti
  18. Hi, When the value of the aggregation property is set on last on a fusiontime chart, I expect to systematically get the last value of the chart shown when data are aggregated. Here : 9 177 € should refer to 18/10/2010 Instead, when the chart is zoomed in, another value is shown (9172 instead of 9177) It looks like Fusiontime shows the value of the previous day This error depends on the charts. It seems to be a random behaviour. Any guess ? Thank you.
  19. New Chart (Combination of Donut & Radial)

    Hi Matthias, In FusionCharts having a combination of doughnut and radial charts is not supported as of now. However, you can use "arc" annotation to achieve your desired visualization. Demo: Please note: Annotations are static in nature hence it's configurations need to be modified if the chart is resized or if it's components are updated at runtime. Thanks, Srishti
  20. column_2D

    @Cybeta Tick marks are not supported in the column2d chart, you can check time-series charts instead if you have date/time-based data :
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  22. column_2D

    I do not see which attribute let's me set the yaxis tick marks - currently my yaxis lines are set at whole numbers, not what I want. I actually see NO attributes that include the word 'tick'
  23. column2d yaxis range

    It can be in lowercase or in camelcase, both will work
  24. column2d yaxis range

    Ah, yes, thankyou. Question, do these attributes HAVE to be precisely as shown, i.e. mixed-case? can I use all. lowercase and the attributes will still set okay?
  25. column2d yaxis range

    Hi, Please use yAxisminValue & yAxisMaxValue at the chart object level, to know more refer to this page :
  26. column2d yaxis range

    I don't see anywhere in the attributes how to set a specific range (or even have the chart determine the yaxis range automatically), my current range is .4202 to 4.918.
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