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  3. Creating Charts in AngularJS

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  4. Increase x-axis resolution

    Hi Sonic, FusionTime lets you build charts with large datasets. However, when a dataset contains too many records, the resulting chart may not help viewers comprehend the data easily. For instance, consider a scenario, where you have to plot 1,000,000 data points in a line chart, on a canvas having dimensions of 500 x 400 pixels. In this case, the chart will try to accommodate all the data points within the available pixels, which will make the chart unreadable. This is where data aggregation comes in handy. By default, FusionTime smartly groups the data for a specific period of time (For example, 2 months), based on the available pixel of the chart canvas. This automatic grouping of data is known as data binning. Though it is suggested to follow the smartly suggested bins for each data, you can always modify this. Reference sample: Refer to the above sample for setting custom bin. Documentation Link: Hope this will help. Thanks, Srishti Jaiswal
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  6. Creating Charts in AngularJS

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  8. Hi, In FusionCharts, you can export your data in the XLSX file which does not include your caption/ subCaption. You can export caption/ subCaption in image or PDF formats but it is not possible in XLSX format. Hope this will help. Thanks, Srishti Jaiswal
  9. Add an uuid to data

    Hi, In FusionCharts, additional custom attributes are not support as of now. Please tell us the chart type you are using so that we can assist you further. Thanks, Srishti Jaiswal
  10. Creating Charts in AngularJS

    Thanks for this valuable information!<a href="">mykaspersky.sitelio</a>
  11. FusionTime combines multiple data points quite aggressively when drawing the chart. This can be seen e.g. here (press "Show FusionTime chart" button): If you press Ctrl+"-" a couple of times (zoom down to e.g. 50%) and then F5, you can see that the data has much more detail than is normally shown, at least on a HiDPI (e.g. 220 ppi) display. Is there a way to modify this behaviour?
  12. Hi Srishti, thanks for your reply. What about adding the caption/subCaption to the XLSX export? Is there a way to add more to that excel export? Thanks!
  13. Add an uuid to data

    Hi all, I'd like to add uuid to dataset in Fusioncharts as well as essential values like x, y, and others. For example, the data should be shown like below. dataSource: { dataset: [ { data: [ { id: "36fa215d-68ef-4c19-ab09-b9871ec76d4b", x: "21", y: "1450" }, ... I tried to put an object with that key-value pair ( "id": "uuid"), but the id attribute is ignored, and other attributes such as x, y, z are included. Please, let me know how to assign an uuid to each data point. Thanks! WS
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  16. Hi, FusionCharts does not support having a different caption/ subCaption in the exported file other than the initially provided caption/ subCaption text before rendering the chart. However, as a workaround, you can update your caption/ subCaption just before exporting your chart to have a custom caption/ subCaption in the exported file by using the "exportChart()" API method. Please refer to this link for the implementation: In the above sample, we have a HTML drop-down for "PNG/JPG/PDF" formats which you can choose before clicking on the "Export Chart" button. Just after clicking the "Export Chart" button we have updated the chart caption using the "setChartAttribute()" API and then the "export_chart()" function is called asynchronously to assure that the chart has the updated caption before calling the "exportChart()" API. Hope this will help. Thanks, Srishti Jaiswal
  17. Meaning of License Expiry Date

    Please drop a mail to [email protected]
  18. Meaning of License Expiry Date

    Hi Ayan, If I get you correctly, then we have to redeploy our software/license key every time we extend the license?
  19. Hi, I'm trying to find a way so that when users click on the Export options in the upper right hand corner of a (say a pie) chart, I'd be able update and have a custom caption or subCaption for the exported file (and not exactly like captions of the rendered chart on the page) Is there a way to do this? I was thinking of perhaps changing caption / subCaption just before export, but i'm not sure how or which element to add a listener for that. Thank you
  20. Meaning of License Expiry Date

    A new license key would be generated.
  21. Meaning of License Expiry Date

    Hi Ayan, thanks for your feedback. In case we renew the license, are we getting a new license key or will the current one continue to work?
  22. Creating Charts in AngularJS

    Thanks for this valuable information!<a href="">mykaspersky.sitelio</a>
  23. Meaning of License Expiry Date

    Hi, Once the license is expired you will get a trial mark on your charts, also premium support will not be extended. That's said the functionality will not break only you can not use the charts in the deployed site as per the legal terms, for more info drop a mail to [email protected]
  24. Meaning of License Expiry Date

    What is happening when the license expires? Does that mean, that we only can not get newer versions of the library, or does that mean, that deployed installations will stop working? Thanks in advance for the clarification.
  25. Creating Charts in AngularJS

    Thanks for this valuable information!<a href="">mykaspersky.sitelio</a>
  26. Required Adobe Flash player

    Hi Srinivas, FusionCharts Flash based version was a very old version of the library which has been deprecated long back and no longer support is available. FusionCharts starting 3.4.0 is a pure JavaScript library(with no longer support for Flash), and the current released version is 3.15.3. To upgrade from Flash version to current version, please refer to this documentation link : You can download the current released version(trial) - 3.15.3 of FusionCharts library from the below link : Thanks, Akash.
  27. Required Adobe Flash player

    I am new to Fusion Charts will it work without Adobe Flash Player to load charts. What is alternate to use without using Adobe Flash player. As Adobe Flash Player is stopping from 2021.
  28. TimeSeries Tooltip

    Hi Cho, We would like to inform you that the FusionTime charts work on the principle of data aggregation and binning. Tooltip shows the aggregated details based on the data and the zoom level. Hence, the tooltip will show the range of dates if the plots are binned. If you set the binning to show only a single unit then tooltip will show the same, else it will show the range of dates as per binning. However, you can control the data binning by modifying the "binning" object under the xAxis object and specifying the multipliers for each time unit in an array format. Please refer to this link: Here, we have set the binning to show only day level data. Documentation link: Hope this will help. Thanks, Srishti Jaiswal
  29. Cannot read property 'paper' of undefined

    Thanks Srishti! Please let me know when it is fixed in the future release, I will switch back to 3.15.1 for now
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