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  3. Our multi series charts are not working in versions 3.17 and 3.18. With the only change being a Fusion Chart upgrade, all multiseries charts error out with the following: core.js:6498 ERROR TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'showplotborder') at t.a.parsePlotAttributes (fusioncharts.js:30:250186) at t.a.allocatePosition (fusioncharts.js:30:254484) at t.prepareAttributes (fusioncharts.js:13:200599) at c (fusioncharts.js:13:198928) at f (fusioncharts.js:13:199127) at t._mapChildren (fusioncharts.js:13:205523) at t.prepareAttributes (fusioncharts.js:13:200623) at c (fusioncharts.js:13:198928) at f (fusioncharts.js:13:199127) at t._mapChildren (fusioncharts.js:13:205523) Change the version back to 3.16 and all is well. Please point us to something that describes what we would need to do to make multi series charts work in later versions. Clearly something has changed, we just need to know what it is. Thanks!
  4. On a waterfall chart we can control the formatting of tooltips. For example, an item is configured like this (in TypeScript): { label: label, value: value, toolText: `${fmt.format(value)}` } However, this does not work for a sum column. How can I achieve the above (custom formatting) of a value in the tooltip on a sum column?
  5. Format Number in Fusiontime

    Hi, The attributes that you are using is supported in fusioncharts but not in fusiontime. For implementation in fusiontime kindly check the example below : Thanks, Madhulika Mukherjee
  6. in Multi series chats index data is missing always {chart: {…}, categories: Array(1), dataset: Array(2)} categories: Array(1) 0: category: Array(12) 0: {color: '#e6194B', label: 'December 2021'} 1: {color: '#f58231', label: 'November 2021'} 2: {color: '#ffe119', label: 'October 2021'} 3: {color: '#bfef45', label: 'September 2021'} 4: {color: '#3cb44b', label: 'August 2021'} 5: {color: '#42d4f4', label: 'July 2021'} 6: {color: '#4363d8', label: 'June 2021'} 7: {color: '#911eb4', label: 'May 2021'} 8: {color: '#f032e6', label: 'April 2021'} 9: {color: '#a9a9a9', label: 'March 2021'} 10: {color: '#fabebe', label: 'February 2021'} 11: {color: '#ffd8b1', label: 'January 2021'} chart: animation: "1" baseFont: "Segoe UI, Tahoma, sans-serif" baseFontColor: "#8e1e59" borderColor: "#e8e8e8" caption: "Issued Violation vs. Settled Violation" captionFontBold: "1" centerlabel: "$label: $value" dataEmptyMessage: "Issued Violation vs. Settled Violation" decimals: "1" enableSmartLabels: "1" exportEnabled: "1" exportShowMenuItem: "0" labelDisplay: "Auto" plotHighlightEffect: "fadeout" showBorder: "0" showLegend: "1" showPercentInTooltip: "1" showPercentValues: "0" showValues: "1" showlabels: "1" showpercentvalues: "1" subcaption: "monthly spread of issued Violation vs. settled Violation" theme: "vts" yaxisname: "count" dataset: Array(2) 0: color: "#e6194B" data: Array(12) 0: {color: '#e6194B', value: 0} 1: {color: '#e6194B', value: '80'} 2: {color: '#e6194B', value: '4'} 3: {color: '#e6194B', value: 0} 4: {color: '#e6194B', value: '6'} 5: {color: '#e6194B', value: 0} 6: {color: '#e6194B', value: 0} 7: {color: '#e6194B', value: '1'} 8: {color: '#e6194B', value: '14'} 9: {color: '#e6194B', value: 0} 10: {color: '#e6194B', value: 0} 11: {color: '#e6194B', value: 0} seriesname: "Issued" 1: color: "#bfef45" data: Array(12) 0: {color: '#bfef45', value: '1'} 1: {color: '#bfef45', value: '80'} 2: {color: '#bfef45', value: '4'} 3: {color: '#bfef45', value: 0} 4: {color: '#bfef45', value: 0} 5: {color: '#bfef45', value: 0} 6: {color: '#bfef45', value: 0} 7: {color: '#bfef45', value: 0} 8: {color: '#bfef45', value: '14'} 9: {color: '#bfef45', value: 0} 10: {color: '#bfef45', value: 0} 11: {color: '#bfef45', value: 0} seriesname: "Settled"
  7. Scaling secondary y-axis

    This screenshot is from the FusionChart documentation, except the values for the line on the secondary y-axis has been increased to showcase the problem. How do I get the secondary y-axis numbers to be scaled/formatted like those on the primary y-axis, so they read 300K, 225K etc? Thanks in advance...
  8. Help please, Display Value going overlap when bar shink because data on inside bar chart. we need data show up outside of bar chart to avoid overlap (dont want to hide). we tries some trick like set Display value with extra whitespace "displayValue": " -2.000 " but fusion core replace / render it into only 1 space . we find attribute some attribute "valuePosition" : "outside" but, it's not support when using "stackedbar2d" this is my quick example full code : <html> <head> <title>My first chart using FusionCharts Suite XT</title> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript"> FusionCharts.ready(function(){ var chartObj = new FusionCharts({ type: 'stackedbar2d', renderAt: 'chart-container', width: '450', height: '400', dataFormat: 'json', dataSource: { "chart": { "theme": "fusion", "caption": "Revenue split byw product category", "subCaption": "For current year", "xAxisname": "Quarter", "yAxisName": "Revenues (In USD)", //Showing the Cumulative Sum of stacked data "numberPrefix": "$", "showValues": "1" }, "categories": [{ "category": [{ "label": "Q1" }, { "label": "Q2" }, { "label": "Q3" }, { "label": "Q4" } ] }], "dataset": [{ "seriesname": "Food Products", "data": [{ "label": "Q1", "value": "0", "displayValue": "0" }, { "label": "Q2", "value": "100", "displayValue": "100" }, { "label": "Q3", "value": "5000", "displayValue": "5.000" }, { "label": "Q4", "value": "3500", "displayValue": "3.500" } ] }, { "seriesname": "Non-Food Products", "data": [{ "value": "-8", "displayValue": "-8" }, { "value": "-20", "displayValue": "-20" }, { "value": "-2000", "displayValue": "-2.000" }, { "value": "-1000", "displayValue": "-1.000" } ] } ] } }); chartObj.render(); }); </script> </head> <body> <div id="chart-container">FusionCharts XT will load here!</div> </body> </html> Hope i got help, thanks
  9. I have some issue with FusionCharts timeseries with React Rendering. I passed in the data to dataSource successfully ( see the dataStore object console), but the result is `no data to show`. Why I have the dataStore data, but the graph is not displaying?
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