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  4. Rounded corners in a chart

    Hi Apurva, Please share your chart dataSource in a sample to show us the chart visual that you have achieved, and to elaborate your requirement. Thanks, Akash.
  5. Rounded corners in a chart

    Hi, I want rounded corners for my bar chart and added borderRadius: '20' in the code. It works fine and I got rounded corner for the border but I can still see pointed corners in the background of the chart. Do I need to set the rounded corner for the background aswell? If so, what needs to be done? Please guide. Thanks Apurva
  6. Javascript-Chart Type Not Supported

    Hi Shourya, Extract the zip that you get from the provided download link of the trial version, where you will get the fusioncharts.js, fusioncharts.widgets.js and other JS files in the package extracted. To render an Angular gauge, use the <script> tags in your HTML page as below to include the required JS files from the package by providing the respective paths : <script type="838148fb95bf1f5e127ccc9f-text/javascript" src="path to file fusioncharts.js"></script> <script type="838148fb95bf1f5e127ccc9f-text/javascript" src="path to file fusioncharts.widgets.js"></script> For further reference, check the steps and instruction provided in the below documentation link : Thanks, Akash.
  7. Javascript-Chart Type Not Supported

    hi Akash, Thanks for reply. I have uploaded all my files now. Please check and tell me where I am going wrong. I am still getting "chart type not supported". new 1.html fusioncharts.js iLearnJS.js fusioncharts.theme.fint.js fusioncharts.theme.carbon.js fusioncharts.theme.ocean.js fusioncharts.theme.zune.js
  8. Javascript-Chart Type Not Supported

    Hi Shourya, You are using a very older version of FusionCharts files. The file - FusionCharts.HC.js is no longer available. You need to use fusioncharts.js file and other required JS files from the current version(3.15.0-sr.1) library to render charts. Refer to the below documentation to render gauges : Download the trial version of the current(3.15.0-sr.1) library : Thanks, Akash.
  9. Change X-Axis field in Bar/Line chart

    Hi Apurva, Interchangeable x-axis is not supported in a single chart. However, as per your explanation of the requirement, you can render to different dataSource on the same chart using setJSONData() API method. This method could be invoked on the radio button click event function. Please refer to this sample using the above technique to set the chart data with respect to Months and Products : Thanks, Akash.
  10. Change X-Axis field in Bar/Line chart

    Hi Akash, You misunderstood the requirement. I need to know a feature where we can change the dimension. For example I want to show Sales by Products and Sales by Month, So instead of creating 2 Bar charts, i want to create a single chart with interchangeable x-axis dimension (switch between Products and Month). Its like the same functionality we have for Fusion Themes where we can click radio button and switch to a different theme. Thanks Apurva
  11. Change X-Axis field in Bar/Line chart

    Hi Apurva, As per our understanding, you want to have a time-series representation of the x-axis, where you can explore the data with atomicity on the x-axis. This feature is supported in the FusionTime product which works exclusively with time series data. Documentation link : Sample showcased : Bar chart of FusionCharts does not support this feature. Thanks, Akash.
  12. Hi, Yes, you can render multiple charts in a single page. Please note : Each chart renders on a web component like a div. So for multiple charts you need to have multiple div, one for each chart. Also you need to include the required JS files of FusionCharts to render the chart. fusioncharts.js (Required for all charts and maps) fusioncharts.charts.js (Requqired for scroll charts from FusionChartsXT package) fusioncharts.widgets.js (Required for gantt chart from FusionWidgetsXT package) Refer to the sample : Thanks, Akash.
  13. Hi, I have a bar chart where X-axis shows 'Month' and Y-axis has 'Sales' now I need to change the x-axis from 'Month' to 'Quarter'. So that I'll have a single measure (Sales) and can have multiple Dimension Fields (Month or Quarter). Is there a way of switching between x-axis fields or dimension? Thanks Apurva
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  15. I was trying to validate the fusion charts product before i can go to my management for purchasing the product. I was trying to render two graphs on same page one gannt chart and other scroll chart. But only the one loaded first is rendering while other isn't. Attatched are html code . Can some one let me know whats wrong here ? <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"> <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="ie=edge"> </head> <body> <div id="chart-container">This is Gannt</div> <div id="container">This is 2d Mixed chart expected</div> <script src="js/fusioncharts.js"></script> <script src="js/fusioncharts.widgets.js"></script> <script src="js/scroll2d.js"></script> <script src="js/ganntchart.js"></script> </body> </html> ganntchart.js const dataSource = { chart: { dateformat: "mm/dd/yyyy", theme: "fusion", useverticalscrolling: "0" }, datatable: { headervalign: "bottom", datacolumn: [ { headertext: "Owner", headervalign: "bottom", headeralign: "left", align: "left", text: [ { label: "Product Team" }, { label: "Marketing Team" }, { label: "Product Team" }, { label: "Dev Team" }, { label: "Design Team" }, { label: "Dev Team" }, { label: "QA Team" }, { label: "Product Team" }, { label: "Marketing Team" } ] } ] }, tasks: { task: [ { start: "1/1/2018", end: "1/13/2018", color: "#5D62B5" }, { start: "1/4/2018", end: "1/21/2018", color: "#29C3BE" }, { start: "1/22/2018", end: "2/4/2018", color: "#5D62B5" }, { start: "2/5/2018", end: "2/11/2018", color: "#F2726F" }, { start: "2/12/2018", end: "2/18/2018", color: "#FFC533" }, { start: "2/19/2018", end: "3/11/2018", color: "#F2726F" }, { start: "3/12/2018", end: "3/18/2018", color: "#62B58F" }, { start: "3/16/2018", end: "3/23/2018", color: "#5D62B5" }, { start: "3/24/2018", end: "3/29/2018", color: "#29C3BE" } ] }, processes: { align: "left", headertext: "Tasks", headervalign: "bottom", headeralign: "left", process: [ { label: "PRD & User-Stories" }, { label: "Persona & Journey" }, { label: "Architecture" }, { label: "Prototyping" }, { label: "Design" }, { label: "Development" }, { label: "Testing & QA" }, { label: "UAT Test" }, { label: "Handover & Documentation" } ] }, categories: [ { category: [ { start: "1/1/2018", end: "4/1/2018", label: "Project Pipeline for Q1-2018" } ] }, { category: [ { start: "1/1/2018", end: "1/31/2018", label: "Jan" }, { start: "2/1/2018", end: "2/28/2018", label: "Feb" }, { start: "3/1/2018", end: "4/1/2018", label: "Mar" } ] }, { category: [ { start: "1/1/2018", end: "1/7/2018", label: "Week 1" }, { start: "1/8/2018", end: "1/14/2018", label: "Week 2" }, { start: "1/15/2018", end: "1/21/2018", label: "Week 3" }, { start: "1/22/2018", end: "1/28/2018", label: "Week 4" }, { start: "1/29/2018", end: "2/4/2018", label: "Week 5" }, { start: "2/5/2018", end: "2/11/2018", label: "Week 6" }, { start: "2/12/2018", end: "2/18/2018", label: "Week 7" }, { start: "2/19/2018", end: "2/25/2018", label: "Week 8" }, { start: "2/26/2018", end: "3/4/2018", label: "Week 9" }, { start: "3/5/2018", end: "3/11/2018", label: "Week 10" }, { start: "3/12/2018", end: "3/18/2018", label: "Week 11" }, { start: "3/19/2018", end: "3/25/2018", label: "Week 12" }, { start: "3/26/2018", end: "4/1/2018", label: "Week 13" } ] } ] }; FusionCharts.ready(function() { var myChart = new FusionCharts({ type: "gantt", renderAt: "chart-container", width: "100%", height: "100%", dataFormat: "json", dataSource }).render(); }); scroll2d.js const dataSource = { chart: { caption: "Analysing Subsidies by Youth Population", subcaption: "By province", yaxisname: "Population Count", syaxisname: "Subsidies % of Income", labeldisplay: "rotate", snumbersuffix: "%", scrollheight: "10", numvisibleplot: "10", drawcrossline: "1", theme: "candy" }, categories: [ { category: [ { label: "Matzikama" }, { label: "Cederberg" }, { label: "Bergrivier" }, { label: "Saldanha Bay" }, { label: "Swartland" }, { label: "Witzenberg" }, { label: "Drakenstein" }, { label: "Stellenbosch" }, { label: "Breede Valley" }, { label: "Langeberg" }, { label: "Swellendam" }, { label: "Theewaterskloof" }, { label: "Overstrand" }, { label: "Cape Agulhas" }, { label: "Kannaland" }, { label: "Hessequa" }, { label: "Mossel Bay" }, { label: "George" }, { label: "Oudtshoorn" }, { label: "Bitou" }, { label: "Knysna" }, { label: "Laingsburg" }, { label: "Prince Albert" }, { label: "Beaufort West" } ] } ], dataset: [ { seriesname: "Total Population", plottooltext: "Population: $dataValue", data: [ { value: "71045" }, { value: "52949" }, { value: "67474" }, { value: "111173" }, { value: "133762" }, { value: "130548" }, { value: "280195" }, { value: "173419" }, { value: "176578" }, { value: "105483" }, { value: "40211" }, { value: "117109" }, { value: "93466" }, { value: "36000" }, { value: "24168" }, { value: "54237" }, { value: "94135" }, { value: "208237" }, { value: "97509" }, { value: "59157" }, { value: "73835" }, { value: "8895" }, { value: "14272" }, { value: "51080" } ] }, { seriesname: "Youth", renderas: "area", showanchors: "0", plottooltext: "Youth: $dataValue", data: [ { value: "24598" }, { value: "18302" }, { value: "22162" }, { value: "40696" }, { value: "47420" }, { value: "49981" }, { value: "97230" }, { value: "73162" }, { value: "60668" }, { value: "34594" }, { value: "12567" }, { value: "39907" }, { value: "30681" }, { value: "11323" }, { value: "7801" }, { value: "15785" }, { value: "31478" }, { value: "72762" }, { value: "32301" }, { value: "21401" }, { value: "27863" }, { value: "3254" }, { value: "5562" }, { value: "19047" } ] }, { seriesname: "Subsidies received %", parentyaxis: "S", renderas: "line", plottooltext: "$dataValue subsidies received", showvalues: "0", data: [ { value: "28.0" }, { value: "35.2" }, { value: "23.9" }, { value: "11.8" }, { value: "18.0" }, { value: "26.9" }, { value: "11.1" }, { value: "11.2" }, { value: "24.0" }, { value: "18.9" }, { value: "35.6" }, { value: "37.9" }, { value: "12.9" }, { value: "27.6" }, { value: "40.5" }, { value: "19.9" }, { value: "15.6" }, { value: "28.2" }, { value: "23.3" }, { value: "26.2" }, { value: "16.9" }, { value: "41.9" }, { value: "62.1" }, { value: "31.2" } ] } ] }; FusionCharts.ready(function () { var myChart = new FusionCharts({ type: "scrollcombidy2d", renderAt: "container", width: "100%", height: "100%", dataFormat: "json", dataSource }).render(); });
  16. Hi team, I am using Fusion charts to create charts in my app. The chart type angular gauge is showing"Chart Type Not Supported" error. I have attached my code for your reference.Kindly help me on this issue. Thankyou. new 1.html iLearnJS.js
  17. Export multiple graph to image

    Hi, You can check the BatchExport feature of FusionCharts that exports multiple charts in a single image file. Documentation link : Thanks, Akash.
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  19. FusionChart overlappedColumn2d chart

    Hi, The required feature is not supported in Overlapped charts as of now. Please check the documentation of Overlapped charts for reference : Thanks, Akash.
  20. Hello, Programing Language: We are using old version of FusionChart(Version: 1.2.4). We have a case when multiple FusionCharts charts are rendered on a single page, which is binding from the server-side. We need to export all graphs to INDIVIDUAL image files(NOT into single file). I have checked some options but don't want to click on each export button beside on top of the graph. We required all graphs image in once. Checked some Javascript based solutions but may not useful because our data is coming from server side(SQL database). Please help for the same.
  21. Nevermind. A clear set of eyes helped. Chart Padding and Margins "On a column chart, there is spacing defined between two columns. By default, the spacing is set to 20% of canvas width. If you intend to increase or decrease the spacing between columns, you can do so using this attribute. For example, if you wanted all columns to stick to each other without any space in between, you can set plotSpacePercent to 0. Similarly, if you want very thin columns, you can set plotSpacePercent to its max value of 80. Range: 0-80 (In Percent)"
  22. I have four stacked columns in a chart with too much white space. Is there a way to increase the column width? I can't find any examples or clear explanation in the docs. Thanks in advance.
  23. Hi, I'm new to FusionChart and in my chart, I'm using overlappedColumn2d because it is identical to the design, but the width of the overlapped columns is equal as per the design and so is there any way to set the column with same for the columns in overlappedColumn2d chart. And also as per the design, only one column will be shown and other columns are just like transparent and its top is marked by border-color like the attached screenshot.
  24. Fusion Chart Export feature

    Hi Kelly, The reported issue has been fixed now, please check the below sample fiddle for reference : Thanks, Akash.
  25. Hi Remy, The trendline issue has been fixed. Please check the below sample fiddle for reference : Thanks, Akash.
  26. Seemly Point of view Adape

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  27. Hi Soumya, Thank you for taking your time to help me out with this, however I don't think you understand what my request is. I know how to make it work properly with the colorRange object, the problem I have is that I have to enter a max value, which won't always be static. I won't always have values ranging from 1-10, depending on data it might be from 1 to 666. I'd like FusionCharts to determine the max value for me, it could look at the cell that has the highest value and set the maxValue internally for me. I suggest having a look at my example JSON again, I provided an example of the JSON I'd like to provide FusionCharts to get the desired effect. Keep in mind that FusionCharts knows how to determine the max value automatically, because if you do not provide the colorRange object, and just a single colour, it automatically determines the gradient of the colour from 1 to the highest value cell in the chart. The problem I have with this is that it only allows a range from BLACK to the specified colour, instead of a specified colour to a specified colour.
  28. Enable or Disable item from de chart and Legend

    Hi, Please find a sample fiddle for reference to enable/disable a dataset based on the selected check box : Thanks, Akash.
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