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  12. AngularGauge don't change dynamic height on resize

    Hi, FusionCharts allows you to provide the chart "height" and "width" either in pixels or in percentage. If you are setting in percentage, in that case the container div must be provided with the height/width in pixels as in this sample : You can also set the container dimension dynamically in your implementation accordingly. Check the below link for reference : Thanks, Akash.
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  14. Hello. I have a AngularGauge chart with Vue.js. I configure gauge for dynamic resizing, like in manual. Code of my component: ``` <template> <div id="chart-container"> <fusioncharts :type="type" :width="width" :height="height" :data-format="dataFormat" :data-source="chartData" > </fusioncharts> </div> </template> <script> import { mapState } from "vuex"; export default { name: "AngularGauge", props: { dataValue: String, title: String, colorRange: Object }, computed: { ...mapState({ switchedTheme: state => state.switchedTheme }), chartData() { return { chart: { manageResize: "1", captionFont: "Roboto-Light", captionFontColor: this.switchedTheme ? "#262626" : "#ffffff", captionFontSize: "20", captionFontBold: "0", bgColor: this.switchedTheme ? "#ffffff" : "#262626", usePlotGradientColor: "1", pivotFillAlpha: "0", pivotBorderAlpha: "0", valueFont: "Roboto-Regular", valueFontSize: "40rem", valueFontColor: "#3F903E", valueBorderRadius: "3", valuePadding: "10", lowerLimit: this.colorRange.minRangeValue, upperLimit: this.colorRange.maxRangeValue, lowerLimitDisplay: this.colorRange.minRangeValue, upperLimitDisplay: this.colorRange.maxRangeValue, showValue: this.dataValue, valueBelowPivot: "1", theme: "fusion" }, colorRange: { color: [ { minvalue: this.colorRange.low.minvalue, maxvalue: this.colorRange.low.maxvalue, code: "#3B953A" }, { minValue: this.colorRange.middle.minvalue, maxValue: this.colorRange.middle.maxvalue, code: "#E3A402" }, { minValue: this.colorRange.max.minvalue, maxValue: this.colorRange.max.maxvalue, code: "#C22424" } ] }, dials: { dial: [ { radius: 165, baseWidth: 145, baseRadius: 25, topWidth: 1, rearExtension: 0, value: this.dataValue, valueY: 213, bgColor: this.switchedTheme ? "#006FBA" : "#793DC0" }, { radius: 132, baseWidth: 148, bgColor: this.switchedTheme ? "#ffffff" : "#262626", borderAlpha: 0, baseRadius: 25, topWidth: 40, rearExtension: 2, value: this.dataValue, showValue: "0" } ] }, annotations: { origw: 500, origh: 272, autoscale: "1" } }; } }, data() { return { type: "angulargauge", renderAt: "chart-container", width: "100%", height: "100%", dataFormat: "json" }; } }; </script> <style> #chart-container { position: relative; width: 100%; height: 100%; } </style> ``` I added width and height for component in percents. And added menageResize: "1", autoScale: "1". But when I resize a page, AngularGauge only change your width. Height didn't change at all. In console I have this errors: ``` fusioncharts.js?8f68:13 Error: <path> attribute d: Expected number, "MNaN,NaNQ0,0,NaN,…". e._setFillAndStroke @ fusioncharts.js?8f68:13 ``` How can I fix this problem ?
  15. zoomscatter not working when scatter does.

    Okay please include fusioncharts.zoomscatter.js library file after where you have included fusioncharts.js
  16. zoomscatter not working when scatter does.

    Hi, Considering the tech stack to be Angular you need to import fusioncharts.zoomscatter.js to render zoom scatter chart, here is a snippet below // Import angular-fusioncharts import { FusionChartsModule } from 'angular-fusioncharts'; // Import FusionCharts library and chart modules import * as FusionCharts from 'fusioncharts'; import * as Charts from 'fusioncharts/fusioncharts.charts'; import * as ZoomScatter from 'fusioncharts/fusioncharts.zoomscatter'; import * as FusionTheme from 'fusioncharts/themes/fusioncharts.theme.fusion'; // Pass the fusioncharts library and chart modules FusionChartsModule.fcRoot(FusionCharts, Charts, ZoomScatter FusionTheme);
  17. Have been using scatter chart for some time, and a new requirement to use the zoomscatter has come up and upon changing the type to zoomscatter I get this error: Uncaught (in promise) Error: Error: Loading chunk 9 failed. (error: fusioncharts.zoomscatter.js) at HTMLScriptElement.a (VM3779 fusioncharts.js:13) at VM3779 fusioncharts.js:13 We are currently using FusionCharts XT Enterprise and at version 3.13.4. I've tried using the data from the sample just to rule out an issue with my data. Again this works fine with the regular scatter chart. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. Problem trying to render in Wordpress

    Ok, figured it out. It was a typo in my url. Thanks Steve
  19. Problem trying to render in Wordpress

    Hi Steve, Based on the above problem it seems like the XML file is not loading properly, please check the implementation once also check if there is any firewall blocking it to load, also since you are using PHP if you could share $readchartfilename response that is the XML file, I could try it out at my end and share the observations. Thanks, Ayan
  20. Hello, I am trying to render a Gantt chart in Wordpress. I am created the xml file on the fly with data from MySQL tables, saving the xml and then calling it with the new FusionCharts function. However, I am getting an "Error in loading data". I have the php files saved as template filed in a child directory under my theme directory and the script runs fine when creating the xml files. However, if I under the Network tab in the browser debugger, I am getting 404 errors when trying to read the xml files. The code that I am using to read them is $readchartfilename = "./wp-content/themes/uncode-lite/ocga_pages/".$chartname.".xml"; $columnChart = new FusionCharts("gantt", $chartId, "100%", 200, $chartname, "xmlurl", $chartfilename); If I run an echo on the getcwwd() - I get /home2/calypso/public_html/ogca and on $readchartfilename, I get - ./wp-content/themes/uncode-lite/ocga_pages/LadybirdFarms.xml. But the files that the FusionCharts function is under the folder of the page name (farm-crop-production) URL - Would appreciate any assistance. Thanks Steve
  21. Save graph as image using ASP?

    FusionCharts does not support any plugin for Classic ASP and Microsoft has deprecated the Classic ASP hence only possible support is for ASP.NET. Please check the tutorial link and implement accordingly.
  22. Save graph as image using ASP?

    Thanks but it is an old "application" in ASP, not ASP.NET and my customer wants a new option. This "aspimage" is already in place on his web hosting and I can't found it to test on my own web host. I have found another "aspimage" but it is different and don't work on my server. Sorry for my bad english, I'm french
  23. Hi, You are implementing a too older version of FusionCharts and FusionCharts ASP.NET wrapper. You could check with the latest FusionCharts version and check. You could check the following sample showcasing AJAX call in ASP.NET application AJAX Also check You could check the following sample for implementing FusionCharts within update panel control UpdatePanel check the above-given sample and implement accordingly based on your requirements. Thanks Soumya
  24. Save graph as image using ASP?

    Hi, Yes, you can use the latest FusionCharts JavaScript version and FusionCharts AP.NET wrapper for rendering supported charts in ASP.NET application. We would like to request you please check the following tutorial link for step by step process of including the FusionCharts.dll and how you could render the chart. Also sample could be downloaded from there. Hope this would help. Thanks Soumya
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