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  2. B.register is not a function.

    Runkit -
  3. B.register is not a function.

    Maybe my english isn't very good? My OP stated the exact steps and included a link. My Second reply added clarification as requested. My third reply stated clearly that I have explained best I could. Lets try more ways. I can also provide pictures or cartoon drawings if needed. (Marker or Crayon, your choice ) Link to the steps - Steps copied and pasted from the link above incase your mouse is broken: Installing the fusioncharts Package Step 1: Install the FusionCharts package. npm install fusioncharts Step 2: Load FusionCharts using require. var FusionCharts = require("fusioncharts"); Step 3: Load the charts module using require. require("fusioncharts/fusioncharts.charts")(FusionCharts); Step 4: Create the FusionCharts instance required to render the chart. var chart = new FusionCharts ({ "type": "column2d", "width": "500", "height": "300", "dataFormat": "json", "dataSource": { chart:{}, data: [{value: 500}, {value: 600}, {value: 700}] } }).render("chartContainer");
  4. Create new JS map

    Hi, The individual municipalities maps for Colombia are already in our pipeline and would be available in the next upcoming release. You could send us a mail to so that we could share some more details regarding the maps for the same.
  5. Base Font Color not applying

    Hi, We checked the attribute baseFontColor attribute for pie2d,pie3d and doughnut charts on FusionCharts 3.12.0 version and its working properly at our end, please find the screenshots for all the charts from the attachments. If you are still facing the problem, kindly share us a sample including FusionCharts library files so that we could assist you further.
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  7. Create new JS map

    Yes, the map for all municipalities, I've it but I don't know to transform the shp to a js valid file for the library
  8. Automating Chart Export

    Prerana, Your solution (and example) is fantastic. Thank you very much.
  9. Different font Colors for Data Values

    There was a workaround to that described in the post I referenced to .. why not attempt to help me with the syntax of that instead of constantly referring to annotations ?? some help "out side of the box" would be helpful here
  10. Different font Colors for Data Values

    Hi, Hope you are doing well. As stated earlier valueFontColor attribute could be placed only at the chart level which would be generic for all the data plot values present inside the chart, the above workaround could be only possible with annotations as of now.
  11. Base Font Color not applying

    Hi Team , We are using Fusion chart XT with version 3.12.0 concern is not base font color not applying on pie 2d, pie 3d and dougnut chart but applying on all other chart please navigate to resolve this issue Thanks Aadesh Mahajan
  12. Automating Chart Export

    Hello, Thanks for the query. Your requirement is achievable using the FusionCharts API methods like hasRendered() and exportChart(). We have created one sample for you where the chart is getting exported automatically when it has been rendered. Please refer the sample link given below for the implementation.
  13. I'm looking to have different font colors for data values on a column2D chart .. as described in I can not get the syntax of the font attribute to work using XML .. per the example <chart caption="Scale in Points" subcaption="Pointers for 2012" canvasbgcolor="808080" divlinealpha="0" palette="3" yaxisname="Souls"> <set label="Label 1" displayValue="<font style="color:00008B;"">1.0<font>" value="1.0" /> <set label="Label 2" displayValue="<font style="color:FFFFFF;"">2.0<font>" value="2.0" /> <set label="Label 3" displayValue="<font style="color:000000;"">3.0<font>" value="3.0" /> <set label="Label 4" displayValue="<font style="color:FF008B;"">4.0<font>" value="4.0" /> </chart> Can any member help me ? this is exactly what I need to do but I can not get the XML correct .. i believe it has to do with the use of double " in the XML. I can programatically set the display value attribute based on the value .. but i can't get the syntax to work I know I can use annotations, but that solution is way more complex than getting the above to work Any help would be appreciated. Thank You
  14. Create new JS map

    Hi, Kindly confirm whether you are looking for each individual municipalities (departments) maps for Colombia?
  15. B.register is not a function.

    Hey @chilly, Apologies for inconvenience. Since, files installed from NPM are minified version of FusionCharts and it will be very difficult for us to debug the issue that you are facing. It will be great if you could provide us with exact steps or scaled down sample so that we can replicate the issue and debug it further using source map.
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  17. Hi, I am using FusionCharts XT v3.12.2 I am creating my charts via the php wrapper. What I would like to accomplish is automatically downloading the chart after it is rendered on the page without clicking on the FusionCharts export button. Basically I want this to happen without a user needing to perform any action. All suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help.
  18. B.register is not a function.

    My problem was explained clear and concise to start with. Please re-read it so I can assist you further. Side Note: I will instead move away from fusion. Nice charts, terrible support. Problem was explained clearly, I stated exactly where the error was occurring, and the exact steps I followed from FusionCharts own tutorial on rendering charts using npm, including a link to the steps. Im not building a sample project for you to have a week long confused conversation about why your product isnt functioning as intended and hear you say its working on your end. Every other library is functioning properly. Have a good day.
  19. Hiring a Writing Service

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  20. B.register is not a function.

    @chilly : Please share us a scale down sample replicating your problem, so that we could assist you further. @Vishal Chhabria : Kindly refer our sample which was shared with you via this ticket id: 520468
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  23. B.register is not a function.

    Have you been able to fix this ? I am facing this issue as well.
  24. B.register is not a function.

    This error was without using a plugin, after trying the jquery plugin im receiving Function.register isnt a function. other libraries are rendering just fine, fusion however, refuses.
  25. B.register is not a function.

    Hi, Could you give us few more details, about which FusionChart's javascript plugin you are using, so that we could assist you further.
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  27. Im getting an error of TypeError: B.register is not a function at /Test/node_modules/fusioncharts/fusioncharts.charts.js:6:125 I am using fusioncharts installed via npm and have reverted to your guide on rendering charts via npm. Following step by step the error comes when trying to include require("fusioncharts/fusioncharts.charts")(FusionCharts); Performing a search in the fusioncharts.charts.js file shows me there is a B.register function inside. Is the guide wrong and missing a step, or is this a bug. I can display the chart using HTML fine, the js implementation is having hiccups
  28. Chart not rendering while tab is not active

    Thanks Ayan
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