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  2. Creating Charts in AngularJS

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  3. for color scale numbers

    Thanks for the acknowledgement Glad to know that the solution was helpful.
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  5. for color scale numbers

    That's very helpful. Thank you!
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  7. for color scale numbers

    Hi Emilio, FusionCharts formats number scale by default to display values like 1000 as 1K. You can disable the number formatting by setting the attribute "formatNumberScale" to "0", which will display 1000 as 1,000 on the chart. This will also disable the number formatting of the color range values as well. Please refer to the modified fiddle : Please note : This will also show the values in the tooltip as 1,000 along with the entity names. So explicitly setting the "toolText" attribute is not required for all the data objects. Check the "Portland, OR" entity data object in the provided fiddle without the "toolText" attribute, displaying the tooltip with value as 1,460 since formatNumberScale is disabled. { "displayValue": "1,460", "id": "820", //"tooltext": "Portland, OR<br>1,460", "value": "1460" } Please check the documentation link for further reference to number formatting feature of FusionCharts : For configuring the thousand or decimal separator, refer : Thanks, Akash.
  8. USA DMA maps no longer color correctly

    Hi Emilio, Thanks for the acknowledgement You will receive a response in the separate thread for your other query.
  9. Hello, I'm trying to format the maxValues found in the color range object. I'd like them to include commas as thousands separators. If I supply the values pre-formatted (with commas), the map gives me unexpected results. Please check out my fiddle. Specifically, I'd like the maxValues 1470 and 7042 to have comma seperators. Thanks, Emilio
  10. USA DMA maps no longer color correctly

    Thank you, Akash. I have another question on formatting the numbers in the color scale, but I'll post that as a separate question. Emilio
  11. Data Value Click Event ?

    Hi, FusionCharts "dataPlotClick" event is triggered when the plots are clicked, not the values or labels. As of now the "dataLabelClick" is not supported for the Pyramid chart that you are using. Please refer to the events in the documentation link : Thanks, Akash.
  12. Data Value Click Event ?

    Hi There is any Data value click event for Pyramid chart. My requirement is need to display the pop up while click on the data value DataplotclickEvent is work fine while click on the green or blue color etc.. I need the same thing on data value like management or senior analyst or etc.. Plz someone help to solve this tricky thing I have spend long time by searching in google and document. I cant able to get the answer for the above Question.
  13. mscolumn2d -

    Hi, You can use the "scrollcolumn2d" chart type for rendering a column chart with x-axis scroll. In your implementation it could be achieved by changing the chart type to "scrollcolumn2d" along with few additional attributes like "numVisiblePlot" supported for scroll charts. Sample fiddle : Please note : Scroll charts are multi-series in nature, and has the same dataSource structure like a multi-series chart. For further reference, please check the documentation of Scroll charts : Thanks, Akash.
  14. mscolumn2d -

    Thanks, that was it! Also want to confirm that the mscolumn2d doesn't have a version with scrolling x-axis. I couldn't find anything in your documentation.
  15. see attached Chart type not supported output please
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  17. Hi, There were few known issue in 3.13.0 with Chrome browser, which has been fixed in the successive version releases. We would request you to check with the latest version 3.13.3-sr.1 of FusionCharts. Download link(Trial version) : Thanks, Akash.
  18. USA DMA maps no longer color correctly

    Hi Emilio, The individual "color" objects(child of colorRange object) supports the attributes "minValue" and "maxValue" to define the lower and upper limit of the color range. In your implementation the "value" attribute is used within the color objects, which is not supported. Instead, use the attribute "maxValue" in the color objects, Please refer to the modified sample fiddle : Also we would request you to use the latest version(3.13.3-sr.1) as in the above fiddle, and you need to include the usadma.js file to render the map. Thanks, Akash.
  19. mscolumn2d -

    Hi, The categories is an array of objects as per the prescribed dataSource format of mscolumn2d chart type of FusionCharts. In your implementation, it is defined as an object, hence you are getting the error. Please find the below modified fiddle working with your implementation : For further reference, please check the documentation link for the dataSource structure : Thanks, Akash
  20. mscolumn2d -

    I changed the included resources url from http to https and now I see the error "chart type not supported"
  21. mscolumn2d -

    I am trying to create a multi-series column chart in our application. The error I am getting is - "Cannot read property 'category' of undefined" I tried to recreate the issue in jsfiddle ( before creating a topic here, but I get a different error there - "FusionCharts is not defined". I am comparing mine with your jsfiddle here -, but can't see what is wrong. I have included the required references. Could you please take a look at the jsfiddle error?
  22. Hello, I've referenced this fiddle of a USA DMA chart over the last few years and it's always displayed the colors correctly. But now it appears to only be paying attention to one of the colors. The ones associated with the color objects don't appear to be having an effect. Did something change with this map recently to break this? Also, is there a way I can reference older FusionCharts/Maps js files when testing with fiddles? I only know how to get the latest js files. Just in case the link doesn't work, attached is the JS portion of the fiddle. Thanks, Emilio usa dma map fiddle js.txt
  23. Hello, FusionExport Server doesn't recognize children of maps/usa here: getting Chart type not supported error on generated test.img However, earlier had same error Chart type not supported when showing charts in browser and just needed to download map definition files, so it works now Does FusionExport Server require additional configuration in order to recognize maps/usa children, like maps/california, maps/ohio? Or is there a different way to convert properly? Regards
  24. 3.13.0 doesn't work in Chrome, but works in Firefox. When using Chrome, exception occurs in fusioncharts.js Does it require any specific configuration for Chrome? How to make 3.13.0 work in Chrome? Regards
  25. Hello, had various charts showing properly before, but since upgraded to 3.13.0 getting only error below where chart appeared earlier. you are using incompatible files or deprecated "register" API of FusionCharts, please go through the docs to know more Why isn't the latest backward compatible? Is there any extra dependency configuration? I noticed that fileset is different: old fileset: maps (directory) themes (directory) fusioncharts.js fusioncharts.charts.js fusioncharts.gantt.js fusioncharts.maps.js fusioncharts.powercharts.js fusioncharts.ssgrid.js fusioncharts.treemap.js fusioncharts.usa.js fusioncharts.widgets.js fusioncharts.zoomscatter.js new 3.13.0 fileset: maps (directory) themes (directory) fusioncharts.js fusioncharts.charts.js fusioncharts.gantt.js fusioncharts.maps.js fusioncharts.overlappedbar2d.js fusioncharts.overlappedcolumn2d.js fusioncharts.powercharts.js fusioncharts.timeseries.js fusioncharts.treemap.js fusioncharts.vml.js fusioncharts.widgets.js fusioncharts.zoomline.js fusioncharts.zoomscatter.js Regards
  26. drawFullAreaBorder not working

    Thanks for pointing this out. We have logged it as an issue internally, and the respective team will be working on it. We will keep you posted with the updates. Thanks, Akash.
  27. drawFullAreaBorder not working

    Area chart attribute "drawFullAreaBorder" is not working for your latest version 3.13.3-sr.1. Could you please fix it?
  28. Hi Hendra, This is a known issue in the current version 3.13.3-sr.1 of FusionCharts library. We already have this logged internally, and the concerned team is working on it. We will notify you with the updates in due course. Thanks, Akash.
  29. Hi, I'm reporting a bug in the exportChart function. When the chart is configured to not show export menu item (i.e : exportShowMenuItem=0), exportChart is throwing javascript error. Regards, Hendra
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