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  1. How To Set Y-Axis Space?

    Hi, The attribute "chartLeftMargin" can be used to set the amount of empty space that you want to put on the left side of your chart. Nothing is rendered in this space. Eg. <chart .. chartLeftMargin='20' > Hope this helps.
  2. Combination 2D Legend Colors

    Hi Sonny, It seems that you are using FusionCharts V3.2.4-SR1. Please upgrade to the latest version FusionCharts V3.3.0 and check the issue. Hope this helps.
  3. Combination 2D Legend Colors

    Hi Sonny, Welcome to FusionCharts Forum. It seems that the JSON data that you are providing to the chart is not according to the format that FusionCharts supports. I have modified the JSON data according to the format supported by FusionCharts and the Multi-series Column 2D chart gets rendered as expected. Please find the attachment of the JSON data and the screen shot of the same. For information on the JSON data format supported by FusionCharts, please refer our documentation link : http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/contents/DataFormats/JSON/MultiSeries.html Hope this helps. JSONForMSColumn2D.txt
  4. Scroll On Chart

    Hi Juan, If you are using a scroll chart, scroll bar appears in x -aixs by default. The attribute "scrollHeight" is used to set the height of the scroll bar. It can be set to 0 to hide the scroll bar. Eg. <chart ... scrollHeight='0' > Hope this helps.
  5. Stacked Column 2D Not Starting On Zero

    Hi, Glad to know that your issue has been resolved.
  6. Stacked Column 2D Not Starting On Zero

    Hi, We tried replicating the issue using FusionCharts V3.3.0 and it works fine here. Could you please let us know the environment that you are using? Awaiting your response.
  7. Stacked Column 2D Not Starting On Zero

    Hi, A warm welcome to FusionCharts Forum. We have tried creating the Stacked Column 2D chart using the JSON data provided by you and it seems to be giving the expected output here. Please find the attached screenshot of the same. Could you please check again if the values provided are the same that you sent us?? Awaiting response.
  8. Hi, This is a known issue with Flash mode of Candle stick chart. It has been fixed internally and would be released in our next version. Meanwhile, please try using the JS chart.We would inform you when the next version releases.
  9. Hi, Could you please enable the debug mode and send us the XML generated? Each Flash chart in PowerCharts XT provides a debug mode or debug window. It helps you look into what is happening behind the chart scenes. It also lists out any errors, if present. You can use the Debug Window for troubleshooting all your charts. To enable the debug mode for any of your charts, you just need to set the debugMode flag to 1. If you're using FusionCharts JavaScript Class to render a chart, you can set the debugMode flag to 1 as under: var myChart = new FusionCharts("CandleStick.swf", "myChartId", "600", "300", "1"); Awaiting inputs.
  10. Chart Padding

    Hi, Welcome to FusionCharts Forum. To increase the size of the Doughnut, you may try increasing the radius of the Pie and Doughnut using the attributes "pieRadius" and "doughnutRadius". Eg. <chart ..... pieRadius='200' doughnutRadius='100' ...> For more information, you may please refer to the documentation link : http://docs.fusionch...Doughnut2D.html Hope this helps.
  11. Hi, Welcome to FusionCharts Forum. Please find the answers to your queries below: 1. I found it is showing Y Axis on right side by default. Is there a way to change it to the left side? >> It is not possible to show the Y-axis on the left side instead of right side as of now. 2. I created a chart like below but I found for some reason the X axis are not equally divided. Is it because the first CandleStick starts from the right side? Can we move all the candleStick to left a bit so the candleStick are equally distributed over the chart? >> Could you please share your XML/JSON data with us for further testing? Awaiting your response.
  12. Grid Export

    Hi, Could you please share some more details about the form of export used (client side or server side) and whether you have used JS chart or Flash chart ?? Awaiting your response.
  13. Hi Faraiz, Please find the answer to your query at http://forum.fusioncharts.com/topic/12711-solved-how-to-create-javascript-chart-in-jsf-20/#entry52833 Hope this helps.
  14. Hi Faraiz, The attribute which FusionCharts uses is "windowMode" (not WMode) which can be set to window/opaque/transparent. window - This is the default mode.The chart or Flash Player acts as a separate window, always lying above the HTML elements. So the HTML elements, like the HTML menu, lie below the charts. opaque - In this mode the charts are integrated to the HTML elements, unlike the Window mode. Here, the DHTML elements can come over the chart. transparent - Similar to the Opaque mode, however, in this mode, the chart background can be changed to transparent or translucent (modifying the value of the bgAlpha attribute accordingly) so that the color or the HTML elements below the chart (which are part of HTML and not chart) are visible. Eg. <fc:render .... windowMode='opaque' ....> For more information, please follow the documentation link : http://docs.fusionch...sicExample.html Hope this helps.
  15. Dragnodechart- Dataplot Label

    Hi, The attribute "baseFontSize" sets the base font size of the chart, that is, all the values and the names in the chart which lie on the canvas will be displayed using the font size provided here. However, if you would like to change the font size of the nodes explicitly, you can apply styles to the "CONNECTORLABELS" chart object and set the required font size for the nodes through "basefontSize" attribute. Please find the attached screenshot for your reference. Hope this helps.
  16. How Can We Attach Data To Combination Chart

    Hi, You need to have your own mechanism to convert the data in the JSON format that FusionCharts accepts. For more information on the data format for combination charts, you may please refer to the documentation link : http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/contents/DataFormats/JSON/Combination.html Hope this helps.
  17. Legend, Chart Type

    Hi, Thank you for your interest in FusionCharts. Please find the replies for your queries below: 1- I have a chart with three elements, i want to use MSCombiDY2D, and also i have json data file(only key and data ) not in the format like categories, dataset that is required for fusion charts so, how do i use my json file to render the chart, its has large data. >> I am afraid, you need to have your own mechanism to convert the data in the JSON format that FusionCharts accepts. For more information, you may please refer : http://docs.fusionch...ombination.html 2-Is it possible to show one element(legend) active on loading the graph. >>This feature is currently not supported by FusionCharts. 3-can a single graph can be drawn in more than one chart type depending on selection of legend. suppose i select one entity(legend) it show bar graph and on two it show line+bar graph and on selecting three it should render MSCombiDY2D chart. and data need to come dynamically. IS this possible? >>This feature is currently not supported by FusionCharts. For information on the properties supported by MSCombiDY2D chart, you may please refer to the documentation link :http://docs.fusionch.../Combi2DDY.html Hope this helps.
  18. Linear Gauge Pointers

    Hi, Welcome to FusionCharts Forum. Glad to know that you could resolve your issue yourself. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. Happy FusionCharting!!
  19. Server Side Export Of Fusion Charts

    Hi Ganesh, The error 404 occurs when the path for the saved image is not found in the path specified in HTTP_URI property of "fusioncharts_export.properties". Please check if the path specified in the SAVEPATH and HTTP_URI match to ensure that you are retrieving from the same path where the images are getting stored. Eg. In the sample demo sent, the folder ExportedImages is present in WebContent. SAVEPATH=./ExportedImages/ HTTP_URI=http://localhost:8080/ExportCharts/ExportedImages/ You could also send us your sample application for further testing. Awaiting your response.
  20. Server Side Export Of Fusion Charts

    Hi Ganesh, The attribute "exportHandler" in the chart element should contain the value of the export handler .ie. FCExporter. FCExporter is a servlet packed in the jar files which helps in exporting the charts. Please find a sample demo attached for exporting multiple charts on server. Please let us know if the demo provided is helpful. ExportCharts.zip
  21. Combi Dual Y

    Hi, 1. You may use the chart object "DATAVALUES" for rendering the anchor values in bold. We have tried replicating the issue at our end but it works fine here. Please refer to the attached screenshot of the same. Could you please tell us the FusionCharts version you are using so that we try it here? 2. By default, the values are placed outside the bar.The values appear inside for those bars which have maximum values. Due to space constraints, it is not possible to get the values outside of the bars for bars with maximum values.
  22. Bar Color Look Properties

    Hi, For Multi-series Bar 3D chart, you need to use the attribute "use3DLighting" which can be set to 0 or 1 to use advanced gradients and shadow effects or not. Eg. <chart .. use3DLighting='0' ..> For more information, you may please refer to the documentation link:http://docs.fusionch...SS/MSBar3D.html
  23. Bar Color Look Properties

    Hi, There are various attributes that let you configure how your bars appear on the chart. 1.Gradient look can be obtained using the attribute "plotGradientColor" where you can globally add a gradient color to the entire plot of chart by specifying the second color as this attribute. The plot gradient properties can be controlled using the following attributes: plotFillAngle,plotFillRatio and plotFillAlpha Eg.<chart plotGradientColor='333333' plotFillRatio='80,20' plotFillAlpha='95,100' plotFillAngle='45'> 2. You can use "useRoundEdges" attribute for rounded edges and glass effect gradients Eg. <chart useRoundEdges='1' ...> 3. You can remove gradient color by using plotGradientColor=' ' for solid fills. Eg.<chart plotGradientColor=' ' ...> For more details, you may please refer to the documentation link: http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/contents/AttDesc/DataPlot.html Hope this helps :-)