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  1. Hi, Please use this. String mVar="<div align='center' >" ; mVar += FusionCharts.RenderChart("FusionCharts/StackedColumn3D.swf", "", xmlData.ToString(), "FactorySum", "450", "600", false, false); mVar += "</div>";return mVar;
  2. JavaScript Link not working

    Hi, It occurs if you are running your HTML locally. By default Flash Player's security setting blocks invoking/calling JavaScript from SWF (Flash Movie), so you need to reset your setting into Global Security Setting panel. Please follow this post.
  3. 3D 'Dual' Y Combination

    Hi, 3D Dual Y Combination chart file name is MSColumn3DLineDY.swf . If swf does not present then download that swf from download pack. see this link.
  4. Multi Axis Chart Download and drill down

    Hi, Could you please update your chart swf?

    Hi, Could you please use <chart> attribute - showLabels='0' ? e.g <chart ........ showLabels='0' ....... > showLabels Boolean 0/1 It sets the configuration whether the x-axis labels will be displayed or not.

    Hi, Please try with Annotation Text.
  7. General Issue(Invalid xml data)

    Hi, Could you please replace ' code with ' ? dataURL method apple's dataXML method apple%26apos;s
  8. Hi, It is a wrong code. You can not use <div> tag mixing with xml. You have to specify <div ..... align= 'center' > when you are rendering the chart. See this String mVar="<div align='center' >" mVar += FusionCharts.RenderChart( . . . . . . . . ); mVar += "</div>";
  9. Dyanamic Color changes in Legend

    Hi, You have to add <dataset> element for each series. Please follow the structure. i.e <chart ...> <categories > <category name='cat 1' /> <category name='cat 2' /> <category name='cat 3' /> </categories> <dataset seriesName='S1' > <set value='100' label='Jan' /> <set .... /> <set .... /> </dataset > <dataset seriesName='S2' > <set .... /> <set .... /> <set .... /> </dataset > <dataset seriesName='S3' > <set .... /> <set .... /> <set .... /> </dataset > <dataset seriesName='S4' > <set .... /> <set .... /> <set .... /> </dataset > </chart>
  10. Dyanamic Color changes in Legend

    Hi, Could you please see our Free Blue Print application? It will help you lots. It is a good example for dynamic color generation. Download:
  11. Hi, Please modify your code. There FusionCharts Id are same both the file. Please follow this. Change Code: Fus_App.jsp page String chartCode=createChart("../FusionCharts/MSLine.swf", "", strXml, "SLA", 745, 300, false, false); Fus_ASSP.jsp String chartCode2=createChart("../FusionCharts/MSLine.swf", "", strXml, "SLA1", 745, 300, false, false); Main_jsp <jsp:include page=" Fus_App.jsp" flush="false"></jsp:include> <jsp:include page=" Fus_ASSP.jsp " flush="false"></jsp:include> Note: If you intend to include the same chart jsp page (with chart) a number of times in your main page, you would need to take care of the chart id of each chart being generated thus. You would need to provide unique chart id to each of the chart. For this you might pass a querystring (that provides chart id) to the include file which in turn would place the chart id passed through the querystring when rendering the chart. Thus you would be able to generate each chart having different chart id. e.g. Main_jsp Page <jsp:include page="sample_exe_app_fusion.jsp?chartID=ch1" flush="false"></jsp:include> <jsp:include page="sample_exe_asp_fusion.jsp?chartID=ch2" flush="false"></jsp:include> sample_exe_app_fusion.jsp Page String chart_id=request.getParameter("chartID") String chartCode=createChart("../FusionCharts/MSLine.swf", "", strXml, chart_id, 745, 300, false, false);
  12. Column scale on 2D Column charts

    Hi, Here maximum value is 10180 and minimum value 262. That
  13. How to add _blank url after click on chart?

    Hi, Please visit free charts documentation.
  14. MSCombi2D Lines fade from color to white

    Hi, Please use <chart> attribute - plotGradientColor="" and <dataset> attribute alpha="100" . please use color code with out #. only use color='AFD8F8' <chart imageSave="1" imageSaveURL="FusionChartsSave.php/w493594b122684" labelStep="3" yAxisName="Clips" caption="New Widget" showNames="1" showValues="0" plotGradientColor="" > <categories> <category label="01/2008" /> <category label="02/2008" /> <category label="03/2008" /> <category label="04/2008" /> <category label="05/2008" /> <category label="06/2008" /> <category label="07/2008" /> <category label="08/2008" /> <category label="09/2008" /> <category label="10/2008" /> <category label="11/2008" /> <category label="12/2008" /> </categories> <dataset seriesName="Cisco" alpha="100" color="AFD8F8" plotBorderColor="AFD8F8" renderAs="Area"> <set value="18" link="doLinearSearch('w493594b122684','Cisco','20080101','20080131');" /> <set value="17" link="doLinearSearch('w493594b122684','Cisco','20080201','20080229');" /> <set value="11" link="doLinearSearch('w493594b122684','Cisco','20080301','20080331');" /> <set value="23" link="doLinearSearch('w493594b122684','Cisco','20080401','20080430');" /> <set value="21" link="doLinearSearch('w493594b122684','Cisco','20080501','20080531');" /> <set value="30" link="doLinearSearch('w493594b122684','Cisco','20080601','20080630');" /> <set value="81" link="doLinearSearch('w493594b122684','Cisco','20080701','20080731');" /> <set value="115" link="doLinearSearch('w493594b122684','Cisco','20080801','20080831');" /> <set value="4794" link="doLinearSearch('w493594b122684','Cisco','20080901','20080930');" /> <set value="4086" link="doLinearSearch('w493594b122684','Cisco','20081001','20081031');" /> <set value="0" link="doLinearSearch('w493594b122684','Cisco','20081101','20081130');" /> <set value="0" link="doLinearSearch('w493594b122684','Cisco','20081201','20081231');" /> </dataset> </chart>
  15. How to add _blank url after click on chart?

    Hi, Could you please tell me you
  16. generating xml file from sqlserver

    Hi, You have to calculate x and y position yourself. Dynamic x and y calculation process is not available. You can follow this documentation for your help.
  17. generating xml file from sqlserver

    Hi, FusionCharts V3 and Power Chart
  18. Display the values inside the pie chart

    Hi, Sorry, it is not possible as of now.
  19. How to add _blank url after click on chart?

    Hi, Could you please use <chart> attribute - clickURL='' i.e. <chart ..... clickURL='' ....... > clickURL String The entire chart can now act as a hotspot. Use this URL to define the hotspot link for the chart. The link can be specified in FusionCharts Link Format. if you want drill down example then please follow this link.
  20. Hi, 1) This Chart designed on Width='694' Height='138', could you please render this chart using the same Width and Height after that you can modify Chart XML code. 2) Also need to change <chart> attribute upperLimit='275000'. 3) Scroll bar is not supported as of now. Note: for going further please read documentation carefully.
  21. generating xml file from sqlserver

    Hi, Could you please follow our basic example and blue print application with C# ?
  22. Bullet Graph

    Hi, Could you please follow this sample code? see attachment.
  23. Fusion Chart Y-Axis Label

    Hi, Sorry, Only numeric value acceptable.
  24. Fusion Chart Y-Axis Label

    Hi, I am afraid; <set> attribute - value does not support any date & time formated value. Only numeric value will draw the graph. That's why y-axis can not be date & time format.
  25. XML max size

    Hi, 'Invalid XML Data' mean your chart XML is not in proper format may be due to some special Character like & , ' , % , < , >. When ever you will found 'Invalid XML Data' that time please provide us that XML.