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  1. Hi, I am afraid it is not possible as of now.
  2. Hi, Could you please explain in details what you want? your word: It displays only one color for all row Are you saying for background or Column Color?
  3. Hi, Can you try Ctrl+click once?
  4. DragColumn2D ang button values.

    Hi Could you please use <chart> attribute - restoreBtnTitle='Your New Title' with in Chart XML? i.e <chart ...... restoreBtnTitle='Your New Title' ...... >
  5. Hi, Please use the <chart> attributes - bgColor='f7f2f7,f7f2f7' bgalpha='100,100' . i.e <chart ..... bgColor='f7f2f7,f7f2f7' bgalpha='100,100' ... > bgColor Color This attribute sets the background color for the chart. You can set any hex color code as the value of this attribute. To specify a gradient as background color, separate the hex color codes of each color in the gradient using comma. Example: FF5904,FFFFFF. Remember to remove # and any spaces in between. See the gradient specification page for more details. bgAlpha Number 0-100 Sets the alpha (transparency) for the background. If you've opted for gradient background, you need to set a list of alpha(s) separated by comma. See the gradient specification page for more details.
  6. Hi, For multiple charts you have to take different Literal control with in design page say literal1, literal2, literal3 After that call different fusionchart render function with in Page_load event Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load Literal1.Text = GetMonthlySalesChartHtml() Literal2.Text = Chart1Html() Literal3.Text = Chart2Html() End Sub Now create 2 other function Chart1Html() and Chart2Html() Public Function Chart1Html () As String ' 'Your code here goes here ' Return FusionCharts.RenderChartHTML("charts/Column3D.swf", "", sXML.ToString, "myNext", "600", "300", False) End Function Public Function Chart2Html () As String ' 'Your code here goes here ' Return FusionCharts.RenderChartHTML("charts/Column3D.swf", "", sXML.ToString, "myNext1", "600", "300", False) End Function Note when you are rendering fusioncharts that time chartID must be deferent.
  7. Hi, Could you please use link attribute? i.e <dial value='6820520.14' borderAlpha='0' bgColor='000000' baseWidth='10' topWidth='0' radius='135' link='' />
  8. avoid animations

    Hi, Please use <chart> attribute animation='0' with in XML. i.e <chart ..... animation='0' ...... >
  9. Usage Information

    Hi, Could you please email at [email protected] ?
  10. Hi, Please use <chart> attribute - scrollToEnd='1' . i.e <chart ......... scrollToEnd='1' ...... > scrollToEnd Boolean 0/1 When the chart renders, you can opt to scroll to the end of the chart (to show data at extreme right) by setting this attribute as 1.
  11. How to create a new map?

    Hi, Could you please follow this forum post?
  12. Hi, Could you please see our Blue print Application?
  13. AngularGauge.swf allignment-problem

    Hi, Could you please try with majorTMNumber="8" ? i.e <chart ......... majorTMNumber="6" ....... > <chart ......... majorTMNumber="8" ....... >
  14. Hi, Could you please provide us XML and chart swf file name and version of the chat?
  15. Hi, I am afraid animated .gif charts are not possible as of now. You can replace animated .gif with swf file. Animated SWF is supported. i.e <shape id='Icon' type='image' URL='Resources/file.swf' />
  16. Dynamic scroll chart(MSBar3D)

    Hi, Scroll is applicable only for ScrollColumn2D.swf ScrollLine2D.swf ScrollArea2D.swf ScrollStackedColumn2D.swf ScrollCombi2D.swf ScrollCombiDY2D.swf Please see this link.
  17. Issues with Fusion Widget Trial

    Hi, Are you rendering this chart by javascript dataURL? If so Could please use relative path with in dataURL? please do not use full path. Please provide us your source code. chartObj.setDataURL("Charts/Data.xml");
  18. SSGrid (Grid Component)

    Hi, SSGrid is a single series grid. It
  19. Hi, see to this
  20. Hi, are you using FusionCharts.php file as include??? then do this Function Specifications in FusionCharts.php file renderChart($chartSWF, $strURL, $strXML, $chartId, $chartWidth, $chartHeight, $debugMode=false, $registerWithJS=false, $setTransparent="") renderChartHTML($chartSWF, $strURL, $strXML, $chartId, $chartWidth, $chartHeight, $debugMode=false,$registerWithJS=false, $setTransparent="") use: <?php //Create the chart - Column 3D Chart with data from Data/Data.xml echo renderChart("../../FusionCharts/Column3D.swf", "Data/Data.xml", "", "myFirst", 600, 300, false, false, true); ?>
  21. Adobe Flash Player 9 run slowly?

    Hi, yes you are right.
  22. Hi, Same PHP code please copy render charts code and change the swf file to ssgrid.swf.
  23. Date Format Oddity on Vista IE

    Hi, Could you please provide us Charts width , height and Your chart XML?
  24. Hi, Could please use swf wmode to Opaque?
  25. Map Drill down

    Hi, Could you please use this example? after extract the rar file please create a web share of FusionMaps_drill folder. after that run this from localhost. Could you please add all Maps swf with in Maps folder. http://localhost/FusionMaps_drill/ASP/DB_Drill/Index.asp